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We disciples often hear that: Buddha was born by a great cause and effect. It is the declaration of enlightened beings entering the Buddha’s knowledge.

Why is it called a great predestined relationship?

Blessed be the Buddha was born.

Goodness instead of noble teachings.

Fortunately, Increase them in harmony.

Good luck to the four groups of fellow practitioners.

Glad to know that Buddha was born.

Nice to meet the Buddha Dharma.

Glad the Sangha is awake.

Glad to be close to Saint Hien.

More than 2600 years ago, in what is now India, Buddha was born like all of us. At that time, because he was the son of King Pure Sanskrit, people called him Prince Siddhartha. Later, with the experience of spiritual practice with the mind of seeking liberation from samsara, he became the first enlightened being on this planet. People of the world, out of gratitude to him, should honor and praise him with full ten titles: “Tathagata, Devotion, Right Understanding, Perfection of Wisdom, Good Oath, World Understanding, Controlling, Heavenly Man’s Spouse, Buddha, World-Honored One”.

Why did Buddha know everything?

He spent his whole life with that acquired five aggregates body, he himself rebuilt what needed to be rebuilt. For example, the Dharma of Dependent Origination, he clearly pointed out to our later students its principle: “This is there, that is there. This one doesn’t, that one doesn’t; This is born, that is born. This one dies, that one dies. In it, he also pointed out four types of Dependent Origination so that we can better understand the nature of life, human life and cosmology through the four philosophies of Dependent Origination, Alaya Dependent Origination, Dependent Origination and Truthfulness. Dharma Realm Dependent Origination.

He has enlightened the path to liberation and enlightenment for mankind by the eight wonderful and holy paths, called the Noble Eightfold Path for short. Those eight paths begin with Right View, Right Thought, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Concentration, and Righteous Tue.

He was and was the first to discover the Four Noble Truths called the Four Noble Truths. The four truths, also known as the four truths about suffering, the causes of suffering, the state after the cessation of suffering, and the way to the cessation of suffering.

With the wisdom of the enlightened one, he knows very well about the suffering of human life. The main cause is ignorance, so it keeps drifting in this sea of ​​birth and death. This ebb and flow, he calls it the biochemical circle, has no beginning and no end. Just know that every living being is born from the energy that is trained from the beginningless past lives. That energy is collectively known as karma. Karma has good karma, bad karma, and bad karma, not bad. All are caused by ignorance.

Ignorance is also born from grace. That condition is created when the six senses come into contact with the six sense objects that give rise to the six consciousnesses. Consciousness is a variable, differentiating from each other, phenomena, also known as dharmas. Once there is the intervention of consciousness, immediately each dharma will no longer be as it is. Because all phenomena have no intrinsic nature. But through the distinction of consciousness, it defaults to labeling all dharmas.

Because of ignorance, there is predestined action. Because there is action, there is a predestined consciousness. Because there is consciousness, there is predestined name and form. Because there is name-and-form, there is predestined import. Because there is a six-entry, there is a predestined contact. Because there is predestined contact, there is predestined life. Because there is longevity, there is love. Because there is love, there is a predestined relationship. Because there is a hand, there is a predestined relationship. Because there is existence, there is predestined birth. Because there is birth, there are conditions for aging, sickness and death. It is the normal human process of birth and death that the Buddha mentioned most through the form of twelve causes and conditions.

The first Sutta of Zhuan Falun on the enlightened path of the enlightened One, Gomata. He gave us the message to stay away from the two extremes of asceticism and to indulge in sensual pleasures. It is also avoiding the two self-grasping views of permanence and annihilation. It is also avoiding the two pursuits of the past and fantasies of the future. It is also a class distinction… He is reminding us to live with reality, not indulge in pleasure and pain. Live equally, regardless of class, race, or skin color. It is also a message of peace for mankind in all times.

The same goes for the last Migration Sutta in his preaching life. He encouraged four ranks of his disciples by making efforts to study, experience and practice diligently to attain the liberation and enlightenment like him right in the present life, not in a distant future. another life, another world. Rely on yourself, not on anyone else.

He was born into the world as an ordinary human being. But his practice is that of an extraordinary man, a great man of great men. He had such compassion for all sentient beings, why should we not be respectfully grateful and vow eternal life to repay him by living a life of knowledge and liberation.

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammāsambuddhassa!


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