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One of the big causes that brings us to insecurity, sadness, and frustration is that every day we often look, read, listen, watch, and come into contact with things with unhealthy, unkind content, dishonest.

From seeing, reading, listening, and making such contact, it creates thoughts that are not pure, positive, and not good, leading to uncivilized actions, words, deeds, and behaviors. polite, peaceful.

The way they treat each other is increasingly not cute, the thoughts become more and more distorted, the more negative emotions are, the less happiness and joy in life, more suffering and sadness.

Away from evil dharmas, evil deeds, evil people will be safe

Planting good Dharma like Buddha, will be happy

Knowing that, every day let’s sow in our mind the seeds of positive kindness and peace.

Every day, let’s sow in our minds the seeds of good, positive, peaceful goodness.

We sow in our minds every day good things by such as often looking at places that do not bring us feelings of attachment, insecurity, often listening to good things that evoke love for people. , only often read, watch things with healthy content to increase knowledge and often interact with gentle friends, colleagues, partners with a pure and non-self-interested soul, ..

Do not sow more seeds of selfishness, hatred, deceit, violence

Learning how to plant such good seeds in our hearts every day, we believe that we are fully capable of building a happy and peaceful life for ourselves, for everyone and for nature.

Want to be happy

Far away from evil

Speak to think

Compassionate direction

Peace of mind


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