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On the evening of April 19, at Thuong Chieu Zen Monastery School’s Recruitment, the Organizing Committee set up a ceremony to explain the U Minh precepts to benefit yin and yang, and complete the rituals of the Great Precepts of Thien Hoa.

Most Venerable Thich Le Trang, Head of the Ho Chi Minh City Buddhist Ritual Committee, who is blessing the monk and the venerable monks, the Scribe Board of the Ho Chi Minh City Buddhist Sangha Ceremonies and Ceremonies has sequentially conducted rituals to attend the Buddha’s ceremony, confessing the Tams. Protecting and guiding relatives of the incense to compose the Dharma, invite the Most Venerable Master to reveal the spirit, teach the U Minh Precepts. New Bhikkhu-stilts support the forum and a large number of Buddhists attend the prayer.

Most Venerable Thich Minh Thong, Lawyer Tuyen Dai Thien Hoa Quang Lam preached and guided the spirits to repent of the three karmas, as well as transmit the three gatherings of pure precepts so that the incense spirit could generate a good heart and return to take refuge in the Dharma. of the Buddha.

Most Venerable Thich Le Trang blesses the Dharma

After the lecture on the world, the Venerable Master and the Sutra Board performed the ritual of wishing food and giving away the spirit of the soul.

Theory of U minh precepts is a typical ritual of Northern Buddhism with the meaning of helping the bereaved to benefit, and to help sentient beings. This ritual shows the highest compassion and equality of Buddhism, bringing the Dharma to all around, without giving up a single sentient being.

Theory of U-clarity shows the Buddha's loving-kindness and vowing power to save birth

Theory of U-clarity shows the Buddha’s loving-kindness and vowing power to save birth

The realm of Unhappiness is a place where the spirits of living beings are still wandering because of endless karma, immersed in the cycle of afflictions that cannot be overcome. The establishment of means, teaching, and transmission of the pure precepts aims to awaken these beings, alleviate suffering, and sow the Buddha’s direction to bring them to a peaceful shore.

In the ceremony of teaching the U Minh precepts, the great lords of the world, the spirits of their relatives and enemies, sincerely visualized, turned to the great masters, and vowed to repent of their mistakes and eliminate evil. Karma.

From there, it helps the spirits who are still drifting in the realm of darkness to transform all their entanglements, overcome suffering, and look back on the mistakes they’ve made and generate repentance. At the same time, the spirits rely on the magnetic and vow power of the Buddhas, the noble ancestors, and the noble world to return to the path of happiness and liberation.


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