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The weekend ceremony at Thien Hoa Dan Forum took place in a sacred atmosphere. Each torch is lit with the meaning of the spirit of the future, the lineage of the Buddha Dharma lineage. The weekend ceremony ended the first day of the Thien Hoa Precepts.

In the evening of April 16 and 17, 2022 (March 16 and 17 of the Year of the Tiger) at Thuong Chieu Zen Monastery, Gioi Tu Monk was staying in the quiet space and dignified energy of the school world, the whole world of martyrs. wholeheartedly accept the teachings and books from the Most Venerable Monk – Thich Le Trang, Deputy Head of the Central Committee of Ceremonies, Head of the Ceremonies Committee of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha of Ho Chi Minh City, the current Venerable A Xa Le (outside forum) cum Sam The owner of the Great Precepts Forum, Thien Hoa, the entire world of more than 3,300 people, are resting in mindfulness and solemnly listening to the precepts in reverence and longing for the Precepts.


The Venerable Master spoke about the meaning of the Great Precepts of Thien Hoa, which is also a valuable encouragement for the disciples to continue to cultivate the virtues of the monastic, dignified himself to contribute to preserving and promoting a high image. Quarter of Tang Bao goods. The Great Precepts Forum is a place to recruit people to study Buddhism, to become Tathagata’s messengers to continue the work of spreading the Dharma to save birth, inheriting the Buddha Dharma’s lifeline.

At 21:00, the chanting ceremony – the week of recitation of the Buddha’s name on the campus of Thuong Chieu Zen Monastery, this ceremony forms the typical feature of the Northern Tradition Buddhist Sangha.


The rites of passage start from the main hall, and the disciples are directed to the Buddha. The precepts are guided by the venerable lords of the Precepts Board to perform the chanting of the Buddha’s name, according to the traditional Buddhist rites.


Starting from Dai Hung Bao Dien, go around the rows of monks and nuns in the campus of the precept school.


Then start moving around the Preschool campus.


The torch lights up the steps of peace and serenity, and the sound of the Buddha’s name resounds throughout the world as a warning to the entire world.

At Linh Chieu Zen Monastery, at the same time, more than 200 precepts and nuns also performed the weekly screening ceremony.


It is known that the world forum – the place where the custom of Diem is transmitted, is one of the most important Buddhist activities. Here, the initiation of the precepts, the recitation of the law, the chanting of the Buddha’s remembrance, etc. are all solemnly held according to the traditional rituals of Buddhism. The weekly ritual has its origins in the Buddha’s time in the world, the Buddha according to the custom, every five days, he would go to the Sangha’s room. The Law of Tang states that: The World Honored One goes on patrol every 5 days in the Sangha room because: 1. Fear of disciples falling in love with life; 2. Fear of entanglement in secular discussion; 3. Fear of falling asleep. 4. Because to look at them sick. 5. Make the young monks contemplating the Buddha’s majesty, giving birth to joy.

The weekday ceremony continues on the evening of April 17, 2022 and ends on the evening of the last ordination day of the Precepts.

Photos of reporters recorded at the ceremony:

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