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This year, 17 Truong Ha across the city will lecture on the “Great Means of Buddha’s Retribution for Enlightenment Sutra”.

Following the direction of the Standing Committee of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, Hanoi, on opening a teacher training course for lower schools in the whole city, on the morning of April 17, 2022, on March 17, the Year of the Tiger, at the Headquarters of the Executive Board of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha in Hanoi – Mo Lao Pagoda (Thanh Binh Street, Mo Lao Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi City), the Honorable Monks of the Teaching Board of 18 Lower Schools gathered for the Office. The headquarters to participate in the training session to unify the teaching methods and content of the lectures to have a successful and successful retreat season.

It is known that this year, 17 Truong Ha across the city will teach the “Great Means of Buddha’s Retribution for Enlightenment”. Particularly, Dai Tu An High School teaches according to the program of the Buddhist Intermediate School of Hanoi City, vowing to dedicate this merit to repay the late German Venerable Most Venerable Third Dharma Master of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha.

At the invitation of the Executive Board of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha in Hanoi, Most Venerable Thich Tien Dat – Abbot of Dai Tu An Pagoda came to share teaching methods and basic requirements of a preacher. The Venerable Master also gave an overview of the Sutra’s topic and content so that the Venerable Virtues could have an overview and the essential meaning of the Sutra, thereby being able to convey the profound meanings of the Sutra to the entire audience. them in the lower schools with the hope of a successful summer.

The training session ended in the boundless joy of the entire audience.

Here are the captured images:



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