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My mother lost her father when she was still in the womb and orphaned her mother when she was three years old. Mother went to live with aunt Ba, grandmother’s younger sister, we call her paternal grandmother.

Grandfather Ba is a descendant of a famous landowner in an area, practicing divination. Rich, knowing fortune and fortune, with a special talent in casting wormwood, so the whole area is afraid of many people. And yet, there are eight sons in the family, all of whom are tall and muscular, and have a rough temper, so people are afraid to touch them, afraid of getting caught in the fire ant’s nest. I also don’t know if my grandfather’s fortune-telling is correct, if the talisman is spiritual or not, the truth about entering the field is unknown, and in the whole neighborhood, no one comes. Basically, the fact that life is a ten, ten, hundred and then visitors from all over the world come to bow down to pray – being confused and following the crowd is a big mistake that people are easy to make.

Mom said, at Grandma’s house, she took care of all the rice soup, cleaning, washing, and then sitting in the corner of the kitchen, scraping the leftover rice and sweeping the soup residue. Grandma’s clothes, baggy, old. I also feel sorry for you, but knowing how to be a patriarchal husband, managing from the pot of gold in the chest to the onion and garlic in the kitchen, if everything in the house goes wrong, he will have to pay the price immediately, so the grandmother does not dare to cough. And my mother is smart enough to understand the harshness of her life, so she doesn’t blame me, and she doesn’t dare to expect love.

Later, the boys got married and had children, didn’t worry about doing business, but competed to spend, so their assets were dissipated, divination was also out of time, Ba’s grandmother’s house only had a shell. Immediately, his grandfather demanded to marry his mother to a worker, indirectly kicking her out of the house. Mom said, my grandfather attributed her to bringing bad luck, because of the black birthmark in front of her chest. Like a person born superstitious, the black birthmark is interpreted as a trace of a past life, a manifestation of the “wolf-in-the-heart” type, otherwise it will also bring disaster. That was a “good” reason for her mother to leave her grandmother’s house at the age of thirteen. Using that method to kick him out of the house is too cruel. And mother, because of humiliation, because of self-respect, never returned to that tall and spacious house again, even if she sometimes hugged her small belly and dragged herself on the street.

At the age of thirteen, he gave me his brother to give people callouses so that by the time he was fifteen, he would be able to tattoo mountains and mountains as a powerful force. That’s it, when pushed to a dead end, if they don’t want to be beaten down, people will automatically be resilient.

At the age of seventeen, traveling two hundred kilometers to cut rice for hire, my mother met my father, who is also a foreigner. An orphan girl meets a young man who is alone, feels gentle and affectionate, adults pair up, so they become husband and wife. At that time, marriage preceded love.

And so, we, all five brothers, are poor children. Even more poor when forty-eight years old, mother orphaned husband. Somehow, my mother took care of the children to eat and send them to find words. Mother’s criteria is to be poor but not ignorant, to do that, she has to work hard and come to the meal “eating sucker fish, eating mammoth mammoth”.

Mother could not cry, even the day her husband died. People criticized her, saying that if she couldn’t die together, she had to be strong to take care of her husband’s aftermath, and then worry about raising children, not crying. Strong and rational, her mother made many people respect her but also caught up with a lot of discord. “Shelf! I don’t care what people say, if someone takes care of my children, I will also sit and chat with life, “mother said.

Mother’s children grow up, each with a scene.

Sister Hai and her siblings did not study in the morning, dragged through 9th grade, and her mother directed her to learn a trade. Thanks to that, the girls have a career, saving them from having to work hard in the sun and rain.

But life can’t be easy for everyone. As for Ms. Bon, who was hit by lightning in love, was learning sewing but had to give up her husband because of “technical problems”. Love no matter who meets the brute, loves gambling. Can’t stand the reason of “playing cards in business”, she brought her three children back to her mother. Mother then divided the L-shaped house in half, mother and daughter on one side, mother on the other.

The Ut Chi part has a cute face, bright studies, and I can’t stop hoping that it will be successful. Mother said that among the children, he is the most guilty because he lost his father early. Mom rubs her head, tries to study, wherever she goes, she worries about it. But in the end, Ut Chi made her mother work hard, lack of life and death with it.

It is smart but unruly, demanding from a young age, my mother tries to control it, I am close to the direction but the force is not willing. It always sees itself as the most disadvantaged, at the age of friends, children have the right to “spoiled”, he learns and still has to carry bricks, cut rice, clean up stubble, herd cows, etc. The mother did not grumble, just shouted: “My house is a homemaker, not a playhouse, poor but demanding, tomorrow there will be water on the street to beg”. Always like that, I love you very much, but I only indulge in the right things. Ut Chi, it sees itself as not wrong. There is a girl who is not proud of being beautiful, and of course the desire to dress up to show off her beauty is not wrong, unfortunately she ignores the situation. No less than a dozen times, my poor brother encouraged him to try, slowly finish his studies, go to work and earn money, but he was still stubborn, taciturn and difficult to teach.

It officially has a rebellious “achievement” in the 12th school year. Go to school and invite friends to hui and then hug money to go out and play. Before that, the teacher went to the journalist, it showed obvious love, formed a group of girls to fight. Mom asked the story, he refused to accept it, I quietly investigated the truth, he dared to say “If you are wise, shut your mouth for me!”, its brashness restored the brusqueness that I had tried to give up. Mom – I got mad for a fiery slap. Not aimed at.

Not stopping there, he insisted on going to a private university, and his mother had to bear the hefty tuition fees. Being a sophomore, I don’t know why when I’m in love, my wife finds me all the way back to the village. After that scandal, he dropped out of school, hanging out with friends here and there. Then one day it didn’t come back, all communication was blocked. Still confused, the gangster called his mother, cursing loudly and asking for debt. I turned pale, and sweat profusely. Oh my god, the debt is two hundred million, I don’t know what he did to make it so big. Mother was the one who took the battle.



Poor mother, I know too well. I just confessed that I wanted to rescue her, my wife was jealous, it made her bear it, I was worried about paying her debt, who would pay me, said and pushed the two princesses in front of her like… threatening. I’m confused about my mother bound her knees. At that time, my mother didn’t say anything, just looked at me with eyes that made my stomach break. The vile, the squishy is my son. The only son, after finishing his studies, his neighbors praised or praised him for being good, but in the time of tribulation, he could not help his mother.

When I was young, I was not as rebellious as the youngest, but selfish, thinking only of my dreams and forgetting the hard reality of my mother. At that time, when I was 12 years old, my mother “creepedly” advised me to study pedagogy – tuition was free. I know, I understand, but the desire to change my life is too great. I decided to go to university. Mother could only agree, the wrinkles between her eyebrows appeared from there. After finishing school, I was allowed to stay at school and get married in the city. On the wedding day, I indulged my honorable wife’s family, borrowed the owner to kiss her luxurious appearance and let her sit with the country guests. Blaming youth is a fallacy, a shameful reflection, a despicable dignity. As an educated person, I behaved very immoral to my mother.

Mom sold the house. Paying debt and waiting for news.

– She lives like a pleasure queen! Its foolishness is greater than the power of God. – Sister Hai accuses me and blames my mother for following Ut Chi, just let the creditors go home, once beaten, I will grow old. I can’t teach the gangsters to teach!

– The matter has already been solved, but it’s not useful.

Mother said with lucid calmness and sadness. A seasoned horse with a whip wouldn’t do anything to make him sad and hopeless. But no matter how brave she is, she is still a mother – bleeding from the intestines. My brother is foolish, he manifests his unhappiness by plunging into hobbies with a heart full of lust. Immerse yourself in endless fun games. Mistakenly thinking that I understood the whole world. Its stubborn head would never understand her mother’s feelings right now. Withered, skinny. Under this sky, perhaps nothing is more complete than asceticism.

Then one night, I fell asleep and didn’t wake up again…

On the saddest day of my life, I fell to my knees to see my mother off to the Land of Bliss, and now, I would rather praise her than cry.

Mom’s belongings are neatly arranged. Just a few suits and some identification. In the corner of the old chest were several umbilical cords. It was the only thing my mother could give me.


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