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This story happened when the Blessed One was staying at Jetavana, in connection with a butcher butchering a cow.

This story happened when the Blessed One was staying at Jetavana, in connection with a butcher butchering a cow.

At Savatthi, there was a butcher who slaughtered a cow. He killed so many cows, often chose the best meat for himself, ordered his wife to cook, then sat at the table to eat, drank beef with his wife and children, and sold the rest for money. For fifty-five years he kept this profession. During that time, although the Blessed One was staying at the vihara next door, he never offered the Blessed One a spoonful of porridge or a spoonful of rice. Except for beef, he doesn’t eat rice.

One day, when it was late afternoon, after selling a few pieces of meat, he gave his wife a piece of meat to cook dinner, and went to the pond to bathe. A friend came to his house and asked his wife:

– Give me some meat, I have guests at home.

– The meat is sold out. He just took a shower.

– If you have any meat left, please leave it to me.

– There’s no meat left, except the one he told me to cook for him.

The friend thought, “If the meat was sold out, only the meat was left for the meal, and he wouldn’t eat it if he didn’t have it, he would have left that meat to himself.” And this person automatically took the piece of meat away.

After bathing, the butcher returned. When the wife served the meal, with only vegetables, he asked:

– Where’s the meat?

– No sir.

– Shall I leave you a piece of meat before I go?


– A friend came to the house to beg to buy meat because there were guests at home. I answered that all the meat was sold, but he kept carrying his piece of meat back home, even though I said that the meat was meant to be used as food for him, without it he would not be able to eat.

– I don’t eat meat unless I have meat. I don’t eat anymore, you put it away!

– Oh my god, what should I do now? Well, he worked hard to eat a meal without meat.

– I said no.

Forcing his wife to clear the tray of rice, he took a knife and left. There was a cow tied up near the house, he walked up to the cow, put his hand in its mouth, pulled out its tongue, cut off the tongue and carried it back into the house, he grilled the ox tongue on the brazier, and then put it on rice. then eat and drink. He ate a piece of rice and a piece of meat. As soon as he put the piece of meat in his mouth, his tongue broke in two, and fell onto the plate of rice. At that moment, he received the punishment he caused. Blood poured from his mouth, and he crawled around the yard, roaring like a dying cow.

His son stood nearby, watching his father die, his mother said:

– Son, look, the same punishment will come to you. Don’t worry about me, find a safe way to go.

The child was frightened by that scene, said goodbye to his mother and ran away, he went back to Takkasilà. The butcher, after roaring for a while, crawled around the yard and died, and fell into the Abhi hell. Even the cow died.

To Takkasi, the son of a silversmith apprentice. One day, its owner went to the village, saying:

-Let’s make jewelry like this, like this..

The little boy did as he was told. And when the owner came back, looking at the jewelry skillfully made to his liking, he thought: “This little guy will become a profession and make an easy living”. When he was an adult, his owner gave him a daughter in marriage, and then he gave birth to a son and daughter. His sons in turn grew up, took up other jobs, moved their homes to Sāvatthi, and became devout Buddhists of the Blessed One. And their forefathers (the butchers of the past) stayed in Takkasilà, let time pass without doing any small merit, and then old age came. His children invited the old man back to their home to raise them.



They discussed: “Let’s make offerings in the name of our father”. They invited the Buddha and monks to their home for a meal. They set up tables and chairs at home, offered food to the Buddha and monks, and served respectfully. At the end of the meal, they said to the Buddha:

– Venerable Sir, today’s food offering is to bless our living old father, may the Blessed One bless the old man.

The Buddha advised him:

– Hey, old man, you’re old, your body is like a withered leaf, you don’t do good deeds to earn your living. Make yourself a safe place. Be wise, not fools.

Buddha said verse:

You are like withered leaves,

The Emperor of Hell is waiting for you,

You stand at death’s door,

The school lacks private wages.

Make your own island,

Diligence, urgency, discernment,

Except for defilement, purity,

To the Holy Land of the gods.

After listening, the old man witnessed the results, the assembly also benefited.

The next day, his children also invited the Buddha and the Sangha to live life. At the end of the meal, they also dedicate their blessings to the old father. The Buddha blessed the old man, saying two more verses:

Your life is about to end,

Approaching the King of Hell,

In the middle of the road with no place to rest,

The school lacks private wages.

Make your own island,

Diligence, urgency, discernment,

Except for defilement, purity,

Do not return to old age.


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