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“Are we having a good time?” is the title of a new book by poet Nguyen Phong Viet, a strange and interesting collection of prose about pain.

Do we live happily? Have you ever asked yourself such question? Or have you forgotten yourself because you are always busy with life? Then in your life, have you ever found yourself in pain, alone, and alone?

Book “Are we living happily?” by poet Nguyen Phong Viet published by Skybooks affiliated with Women Publishing House

No one expects their life to be lost even a little. But a person who doesn’t experience loss is usually a bland person. “Real life should be bumpy, so you should lose your foot, scratch, fall or even lose your breath to the point of almost stopping breathing. So many years later, when we look back, when we really mature, we realize that we need to be grateful for the desperate days spent in life”, the author’s autobiography is worth pondering. .

One of the ingredients to make this life is pain, the author of the book has recognized that. However, in the end, that material helps me to be grateful that I am still alive, meeting loved ones and being myself.

You will know how to “go home” properly, which, according to Nguyen Phong Viet, is a great feeling when you are “back to your heart. Because the happiest person must be the one who walks leisurely with peace in his heart.”

The collection of prose – a new experiment by poet Nguyen Phong Viet will also partly help readers find answers to their efforts to find happiness. Most importantly, we will begin to heal from the pain we go through. To put the past, present and future in the right place after all, to know “love yourself a little…”.


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