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There was a man in his twenties, for no reason, his right arm ached for no reason, so he came to me. “Why does your hand hurt so much?”… I just started thinking about it, and immediately realized: This guy has a habit of stealing, picking pockets and stealing people’s things.

There was a man in his twenties, for no reason, his right arm ached for no reason, so he came to me.

“Why does your hand hurt so much?”… I just started thinking about it, and immediately realized: This guy has a habit of stealing, picking pockets and stealing people’s things.

So I asked:

– Do you take people’s things as your own (pickpocket, steal people’s possessions)?

His face turned red, but he still managed to answer:

– How can I… do that?

I told:

– If you can’t remember, I have to bear it, because I can’t help you.

He asked:

– If I have… made… this mistake… what should I do?

I told:

– Bring the money you stole from people, add interest to compensate (by giving it to a nursing home or orphanage), remember when you do not save your identity, your hand has good hope. .

Then, indeed, his right hand was healed, and he came to thank me and said:

– From now on, I vow not to do bad things anymore.


Then he asked me:

– How do you know I do these bad things?

I say:

– Then, just like in the human world, there are many “angels on patrol” in heaven who specialize in overseeing the good and evil of the world and meticulously record all the good and bad deeds of sentient beings in the karma book (they save them). storage is like a backup computer). So when he asked me the cause of that illness, the scene immediately showed all the bad things he had done (recorded) for me to see.

This guy is now studying Buddhism very diligently, giving up that bad habit. He even worshiped sincerely in front of the image of Mr. Tuyen Hoa, who is now my junior brother.

In 1990, when I had just started studying Buddhism, I heard from many people that a female colleague of mine had the virtue of letting go, indulged in sexual misconduct, but did not know how to reflect.

When I heard that, I just thought: “Is this really happening?”

As soon as I asked this question, an image immediately appeared in my mind: There were six men hanging around her. I don’t believe so I have doubts.

Maybe they’re just good friends.

As soon as I thought of that, I immediately saw the scene where they had impolite behavior beyond the allowed limit. I immediately thought: I don’t want to see these scenes!

Immediately that scene disappeared, there were many other things that made me very surprised and scared, but I can’t explain them clearly.

At that time, in my mind, I did not have the slightest idea of ​​looking down on this female colleague, on the contrary, I hurriedly reflected and checked to see if I had made any mistakes.

Since then, I have understood the sentence: “If you want people not to know, then don’t do it!”

I feel like there is a huge movie camera in the sky, every second, every moment, records all the creations of each individual: Every sentence, thought, and action we make. All the bad and bad things when we are infatuated with creating, even the things that we can hardly open our mouth to tell anyone, thinking that no one knows and consider ourselves smart, did not expect such bad deeds ended up harming themselves!

After my daughter joined the practice of zazen, her wisdom opened far beyond me. Although it does not read many scriptures, only depending on the condition of preaching the Dharma to trouble others, it only needs to say one sentence to point out the root cause of afflictions, helping to quickly relieve suffering for sentient beings, the words are always in harmony with the teachings. Buddha’s doctrine.

I’m not envious, interviewing it:

– You are my son, I guided you to sit and practice, but why are you better than me?

It laughs and says:

– Dad, because you do more bad things than me!

At that moment, my mind suddenly became restless. Indeed, I am afraid that what I have created (when thinking about my shameful things) is clearly seen by my daughter.

One-sidedly speaking, according to the universal law, only doing good deeds can help us to open up the wisdom inherent in our own nature.

Actually, there are still people with higher wisdom, far surpassing my daughter. Within this country alone, I have met more than a hundred people, not to mention those who live in high mountains and deep forests (those who have given up sex to eliminate craving or are highly monastic monks). I dare to affirm and declare to fellow initiates that: Anyone who perseveres and persists in observing the five precepts, cultivates the ten virtues for a long time, diligently meditates, meditates and practices, and thoroughly repents for the karmas created in the past. certain wisdom will appear.

Moreover, the more thorough and earnest the repentance, the sooner wisdom will appear. As long as you really practice cultivation, you will be blessed by Buddha’s power and open up available wisdom.



There are so many people in this world who possess profound wisdom, what to say about great wisdom like Buddhas and Bodhisattvas? If Shakyamuni Buddha did not have perfect wisdom, how could he tell the truth of the universe? How is it possible to preach so many sutras?

It is not that I am not greedy (for wealth, form, fame, and profit), but because I understand the Buddhadharma, I no longer dare to be greedy. Not even in thought dare to have. In the Shurangama Sutra, it says: “Nutrition is the precept, the human world is born, and the human world is determined to live,” so if we let the three poisons flourish, how can we take the mind?

It is necessary to understand and deeply believe that cause and effect are always real and not false, so that we can achieve sesshin keeping the precepts. In “The Retribution of Life” I wrote that: “Those who come to seek the Venerable Master Dieu Phap’s guidance are all my teachers, because thanks to them I know the true retribution and cause and effect that is not false.” After they were cured, they used money to thank me again, not that I didn’t need it, but that I couldn’t be greedy and didn’t dare to ask. Because now the Dharma is preached to benefit people, this grace belongs to Shakyamuni Buddha, if you want to give thanks, you must thank him.

We can’t see the Buddha’s body, so we should make offerings to the Three Jewels to thank him. In addition, I myself am also blessed by Buddha’s power, so I can correct the wrongdoing. There have been angels who record the good and evil of each individual so well that not even a hair can get through, not to mention you and I right now, every thought, every action, all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas know it all. see all. Therefore, you should quickly let go of all worldly resentments, practice mindfulness as precepts, and cultivate the righteous path to the world.

If you don’t take care of your practice, suddenly impermanence comes, and you go down to the place of Yanla, only to realize your sin, it’s too late.

Quote from Causality and Consequences of Luong Hoang Bao Sam – Layman Qua Khanh


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