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Fate brought the baby to my family. Born at only 1.3 kg, with a small body, you are a priceless gem.

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One autumn morning last year my daughter said, “Mom, I’m pregnant…”.

It’s hard to describe my mood at that time, I was both happy and worried, glad that all my hopes and expectations had come to fruition, worried because 4 years ago she was pregnant once, but because of high blood pressure. Therefore, a 32-week-old fetus suddenly died in the womb.

Trying to hide my anxiety I said:

– Yes, try to stay healthy, monitor your blood pressure regularly.

– Yes, I know, mom, thank goodness the baby is healthy and I don’t have morning sickness. I’m almost 29 weeks pregnant every day… I think the baby seems to be kicking less, but I went to the doctor and said the pregnancy was normal.

– So, what’s the blood pressure?

– Yes at 160, when 180.

– It can’t be, pack things with your mother to the hospital.

– What about the shop, Mom, I just imported goods to sell Tet.

– It’s closed, I don’t know, I’m fine, then I’ll continue to sell.

So the mother and daughter set off, passed Chau Doc, and just entered the hospital, she was immediately taken to the emergency room, given water to measure the fetal heart rate, the doctor informed that the fetus was not very well, sitting in front of the emergency room door, I felt like a lost soul. , the scene 4 years ago haunts me, I want to cry but the tears are dry, a long day has passed, I only drink water without feeling hungry, sometimes I come to look at the room and can’t see it Where is the baby, I’m tired I collapsed on the pile of pajamas and fell asleep.

The nurse’s voice rang out.

– Where is Thanh Lan’s family member?

– Yes, I’m here.

– She brought the ring to the back door to wait for her son to transfer Lan to the special monitoring room.

– Yes, thank you.

So it’s okay, I breathed a sigh of relief, lying down to observe until the 9th day, the head doctor of the obstetrics and gynecology department called me up and said:

– Are you going to let Lan go to Saigon?

– What’s wrong with the fetus, doctor?

– As you can see, the fetal heart is strong and weak, here we only monitor high blood pressure, we give medicine to lower it, but taking it for a long time is not good for the baby, if the fetal heart stops, I will plan an operation right away, but Here, the physical conditions are not available, the fetus is malnourished, only 1.1 kg of the child is afraid of not being able to keep the baby.

– Then ask the doctor to do the procedure for me to transfer to an upline.


At 5 p.m., all procedures were completed, and all the way through, I kept praying for my children and grandchildren to get over the accident.

Arriving at Hung Vuong maternity hospital at 12 o’clock at night, she went to the emergency room again, I was yelled at by the doctor:

– Why do you take such a risk, blood pressure 180/90, but dare to go such a long distance, do you want to puzzle, do you know the extreme danger? Those two lives, if something happens to her, she can’t bear it.

I could only listen in silence, but in my heart I said: “Yes, I am playing with the lives of my children and grandchildren, doc, do you know how scared I am in my heart? If you can’t go, you can’t stay, you might as well take your chances …”. […]

The next morning, the blood pressure was stable, the baby was taken to the monitoring room and so on several times a day, the fetal heart rate was measured. A week later, the doctor called me back to the duty room, the old doctor said:

– Please sit down.

– Yes.

– What are you pregnant women?

– Yes, it’s mother! What’s wrong, doctor?

– There’s something new, invite you to come up, the fetal heart rate may not be available today, we have performed an emergency surgery right away, you have to prepare yourself, pregnant women with high blood pressure leading to pre-eclampsia, you know the money What is eclampsia?

– Yes, I have heard.

The doctor continued:

– Then I will tell you more, your daughter will hardly be able to give birth in the future, because every 31, 32 week pregnancy is not good, so we will try our best to save both mother and baby , but no one knows in advance how complicated the operation of the surgery!

It is possible to save the mother leaving the child or vice versa, or both. Or lose everything, and the fetus is too small, usually born prematurely but with enough weight, this baby is premature and 90% severe malnutrition is a difficult case.

I was really upset. […]

Holding a pen and preparing to sign the life and death certificate, my hands trembled, wishing that at this moment someone was beside me.

My daughter was brought into the operating room, alone, carrying her armpits alone, my stomach was worried and scared, I was like a lost soul sitting staring at the door of the operating room, my lower abdomen hurt and I did not dare to leave my position in the toilet. born.

Two hours passed.

– Thanh Lan people!

I got up like an electric shock: “Yes” and quickly went to the midwife. The nurse asked:

– Anyone else in the family?

– No, it’s just me.

– Here’s my niece, look at me. This is the baby’s stuff, the baby is 1.3 kg. […]

The fate that brought him to my family, even though he is small, is a priceless gem…

Excerpt: Family is the best Vo Thi Thu Huong/ Young Knowledge Books/ Writers Association Publishing House


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