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Living in the world, “cultivating the mouth” is a particularly important thing. There’s an old saying: “Spill water is hard to pick up, broken mirror is hard to heal”. Every word you say is like a bowl of water thrown away, it’s hard to take it back…

Talking is an art, whether it is a beautiful word or a good idea, it must be considered. Saying bad things that make both parties lose interest after listening, of course, they shouldn’t say it. So what words are not good and should not be said?

1. Do not say words of discouragement or discouragement

There are ordinary people who like to say depressing words to discourage others. In fact, life really needs encouragement from others, even if no one encourages you, you must encourage yourself. If you don’t support your will, on the contrary, if you say words of discouragement, you will naturally fall into the abyss of depression.

2. Don’t say angry words

People who are angry often can’t control themselves but say angry words, sometimes hurting others, sometimes hurting themselves. When people are offended, the most important thing is to stay awake, not to arbitrarily speak, because words in anger are often difficult to hear, so definitely don’t say them.

3. Don’t say reproachful words

Words that hurt others may only be temporary, but their personality has been looked down upon, that hurt is permanent!

Talking is an art, whether it is a beautiful word or a good idea, it must be considered.

When not satisfied, people often say discontented words, resenting their boss, resenting friends, even resenting family members. If you often say negative things, other people will later hear that as a topic to talk about you, cause discord, discord, make you have to deal with this person, deal with that person, and finally suffer together with yourself, why do you have to suffer like that?

4. Don’t say hurtful words

There are people who are rude, speak arbitrarily, do not know how to tolerate and respect others, often say hurtful words to others, sometimes “harm others to benefit us”, but also sometimes “harm others to harm themselves”. Words that hurt others may only be temporary, but their personality has been looked down upon, that hurt is permanent!

5. Don’t say boastful words

Some people when talking often like to propagate themselves, self-promotion, self-aggrandizement, others will definitely disagree after hearing. So bragging about the reality won’t do you any good, on the contrary, it will hurt yourself. People who want to be great must do great things, greatness is to let others say, can’t receive it, being humble is better.

6. Don’t tell lies

Buddhism teaches “Five precepts”, “forbidden to lie” as one of these five precepts. Lying means “seeing to say that you do not see, not seeing but saying that you see, right to say is wrong, wrong to say is right”, in simple words, those are untrue words. Being careful with your words is also “practicing your speech”.

The fable “The Wolf Has Come” (or “The Shepherd Boy”) once spoke of the dire consequences of lying. Another example, at first there was 1 plane, it became 11 by other people’s ears, and eventually turned into 91 planes, these are false rumors, the story of the baby was torn apart, the same as saying lie.

7. Don’t say secret words

There are many secrets in this world, from family to company, there is no place without business, professional secret, country has national secret. Currently, all countries attach great importance to confidentiality, if you accidentally reveal state secrets, you will be severely handled and subject to heavy penalties.

Therefore, we need to form the habit of keeping secrets, not arbitrarily speaking. Before speaking out about secret things, you must think about the possible bad consequences, understand the seriousness of it, then you will not dare to speak arbitrarily.

8. Don’t say private words

Everyone has private things, their own affairs of course do not want others to know, other people’s private affairs cannot be talked about. Even if you say all of other people’s private affairs without them protesting, your bad character has already been revealed, and later on, it will be difficult for you to have a good fortune.

People live in houses not only to cover the sun and rain but also for safety, but most importantly to ensure privacy. People wear clothes partly to keep warm but importantly to cover their bodies. Therefore, if you want to respect each other, you must not reveal the private affairs of others.

In addition to the above, of course, there are many things that should not be said and should not be done, being careful with your words is also “cultivating your mouth” (cultivating your mouth), otherwise you are destroy your blessings!


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