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“Inner” means inside. “Peace from within” is simply a feeling of reassurance that comes from within ourselves. Inner peace is an art – the art of creating and maintaining peace of mind even when the world around is a mess.

Wishing for peace

Despite knowing the definition, many people still do not fully understand this phrase, and continue to make the mistake of asking “How can I find inner peace in life?”.

“Find” means we are still dependent on something external, far away. With “inner peace”, we do not seek, and even if we seek, we cannot find. Because that’s what we have to create ourselves.

Take time to enjoy your privacy and learn more about yourself, listen to how you feel inside, see through your desires, see if you’re having trouble, and If so, where is the problem? The more we know ourselves, the more resilient we will be to negative external influences.

The value of such peace of mind listening surpasses all other values, so it is likened to a priceless gem. There is nothing in life that can be compared with the value of inner peace, because no matter how rich you are, how high your fame, how strong your power is, you will still suffer as usual if you don’t realize it. That peaceful peaceful gem in yourself.

From peaceful core values ​​will lead to a satisfied and satisfied life. This does not mean that you do not need to do anything, no more dreams and aspirations.

When you touch the peaceful world of your mind, all your dreams are still there, but no longer giving you a headache, all your desires are still there but no longer pressure you. You still act to fulfill your dreams, still work to achieve your aspirations, but it’s all in the peace of mind. Therefore, whether you realize your dreams or achieve your aspirations or not, there is always contentment in you with this life.

Be wary of self-imposed impulses, sometimes we focus on fighting for great things, and ignore the joys of everyday life: the laughter of children, the care of loved ones, a A good book, a roof to protect us from the sun and rain. Never forget these precious little things because this is the source of “medicine” – an immune barrier to protect health..

The desire to conquer better things is welcome, because it is a source of motivation for us to improve ourselves. However, it is also necessary to appreciate the foundation where we are standing, what we have in hand. In Buddhism this means “living mindfully in the present moment”.


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