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The Buddha’s teachings are like holding a leaf in the hand, but it is a key to unlocking the treasure of wisdom of the leaves in the forest…

“Once, the Blessed One was staying at Kosambi, in the Simsapā forest. The Blessed One picked up a few Simsapà leaves with his hand and said to the monks:

What do you think, monks, which is more, a handful of Simsapà leaves that I hold in my hand or leaves in the Simsapà forest? Too few, Lord, a few Simsapà leaves that the Blessed One holds. I took it in my hand and it was too much, the leaves in the Simsapà forest. Likewise, monks, there is so much, what I have won without telling you! So little of what I have said.”

(DTKVN, Tuong Yuong V, Chapter 12, Simsapà Forest, VNCPHVN Published, 1993, p.635)

Four mental sufferings according to the Buddha’s teachings


With the huge capacity of the Tripitaka of Buddhism, in a lifetime not everyone is honored to have one visit, but only to hold a leaf in the hand of the Blessed One, then to know the wisdom of the Fully Enlightened One. la, how great. What the Buddha taught people was so little compared to what he knew, so little that a leaf in a hand is like a leaf in a forest.

This is the transcendental characteristic, demonstrating the omniscience and omniscience of the World-Honored One’s wisdom. A good teacher does not have to present all that he already knows, but mainly to find the most appropriate and effective educational method to lead his students to the same understanding.

Holding the Simsapà leaf in the hand is only “things related to the goal of liberation, the basis for the holy life, leading to detachment from greed, peace, victory, enlightenment, and nirvana”. That is what is most basic and necessary to help people overcome suffering to live peacefully and happily. Because the time for a human life is extremely short, so it can’t be wasted, in the world of logic and metaphysics there is no benefit for enlightenment and liberation.

Like a person being hit by a poisonous arrow, the most urgent and necessary thing is to pull the poison arrow out and treat the wound. It will cost his life, if that person does not let the arrow be pulled but keeps going around trying to find out who this arrow was shot by, how it was made. The Buddha’s teachings are like holding a leaf in the hand, although it is small, it is the key to unlocking the treasure of wisdom of the leaves in the forest. Just by examining a handful of leaves thoroughly, we will automatically understand the nature of all the leaves in the Buddha’s forest of enlightenment.


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