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As soon as the Crown Prince was born, heaven and earth moved, and the palace was bright. Heaven, God, Pham, and Thich all came to serve in the void.

What was the reason Buddha was born?

The Buddha appearing in the world is a great cause, rare, and difficult to meet.

I heard like this:

Once, when the Tathagata was staying at the Truc Lam monastery, where the Kalanda bird used to live, in the city of Rajasthan, with all five hundred great bhikkhus, the Buddha talked about being born under a tree. Uu:- I remember in the past, through countless kalpas, when I was still an ordinary person, I only sought the Buddha Way until now. Depending on my karma, I live in the body of reincarnation in the five realms of life. One body will be lost, another body will live, and birth and death. unlimited. For example, if all the plants and trees in the earth and sky were cut down to make counting cards, I would not be able to count them all. Taking the time from the beginning to the end of the world, calling it an kalpa, then the life span of my body is incalculable compared to the world’s dissolution.

So pity the world of constant greed, so it is drowned in the sea of ​​craving. I went up against that vicious cycle alone and tried my best to overcome it. Therefore, I am eternally diligent and diligent, do not take it as labor, have peace of mind, love the tranquil scene, be celibate, do nothing, give alms, forget myself, faithfully observe the precepts, be patient, humble, courageous and diligent. , single-mindedly thinking, learning the wisdom of the saints. I live with compassion for all living beings, have pity on the poor and in distress, take care of, comfort, nourish living beings, help the suffering, serve the Buddhas, the True Enlightened One, accumulate merit, cannot remember all.

Also in that ancient time, when Buddha Nhien Dang was born, there was a holy king named Che Thang, reigning over the great kingdom of Bat-ma, with a large population, a long and happy life, and a peaceful world. At that time, I was a Bodhisattva named Confucius, who, from a young age, was intelligent and shrewd, had immense aspirations, and hid in the mountains and marshes, practicing meditation and keeping the Way. The Bodhisatta heard that the Buddha was born. He was very happy in his heart. He put on a deerskin coat and wanted to return to his country. On the way across a mound, in that mound, there were five hundred ascetics and bodhisattvas stopped there, day and night with the Taoists talking about the truth, teachers and students were all happy. Farewell to the bodhisattva ascetics who went into the city, met a royal girl named Cu Di and Bodhisattva who had received 5 lotus branches and the girl also sent the Bodhisattva two lotus branches to make offerings to the Buddha.

… The Bodhisattva saw the Buddha in front of him and immediately threw up five flower stalks to make offerings to the Buddha Burning Light. Those flowers stopped in the air, right above the Buddha, like flowers planted without falling to the ground. Then the Bodhisatta threw two branches of Cu-di flowers to offer, and those two branches stood on the shoulders of the Buddha. The Buddha praised the Bodhisattva:

– You have lived in countless kalpas, pure learning, subduing your mind, sacrificing your life, letting go of desires, keeping Emptiness, never arising and not dying, immeasurable loving kindness, practicing vows and accumulating virtue. Therefore, I prophesied to him: “From here on, after ninety-one kalpas, in the sane kalpa, you will become the Buddha with the name Shakyamuni.”

The bodhisattva has received a prediction, clears doubts, stops moving, stops thinking, breaks down into samadhi, and attains pure non-birth, forbearance. At that moment the Bodhisatta moved gently, his body flew up into the air, about seven feet above the ground, and then descended from the sky to pay respects at the feet of the Buddha. When the Bodhisatta saw that the ground was wet, he took off his deerskin coat to cover the wet ground, but it was not enough to cover the muddy ground. Again the Bodhisatta spread his hair on the ground and asked the Buddha to step on it. The Buddha praised:

– You are diligent and brave, and in the future you will become a Buddha. When you are in the world of all five defilements, you will save all heavens and people, without difficulty, just like me.

The bodhisattva served Burning Buddha until he entered Nirvana. Bodhisattvas always uphold the precepts and support the Buddhadharma.

… In ninety-one kalpas, the Bodhisattva practiced morality, followed the Buddha’s conduct, crossed the Ten Realms, was born in the Land of One birth, and was reborn in the fourth Tusita heaven, becoming a teacher of the gods. The merits of success and solitude, the immeasurable wisdom of the gods, arrived at the right time, and he was born as a Buddha.

The bodhisattva was born in the country of Cadyu-la-veh, his father’s name was Bach Tinh (Tinh Sanskrit), he was wise and virtuous, and his wife was named Dieu Tiet Nghia (Ma Da).

Why did Buddha choose to be born in a forest?

… As soon as the Crown Prince was born, heaven and earth moved, and the palace was bright. Heaven, God, Pham, and Thich all came to serve in the void. Tu Thien Vuong received the Prince and helped him onto the golden chair, bathed the Prince in hot water with incense. The crown prince’s body is golden in color, with thirty-two generals of radiant light, up to the twenty-eight heavens, below to the eighteen hells and to the end of the Buddha realm, everywhere shining day and night. . At that time heaven sent thirty-two good omens:

1. The earth was strongly shaken, the mounds were flat.

2. The roads themselves are clean, everyone can smell the scent.

3. The dry trees of all the countries have leaves and flowers.

4. In the natural garden produce strange sweet fruit.

5. The continent gives birth to a lotus flower as big as a wheel.

6. Treasures in the ground reveal themselves.

7. Treasures in the treasure are all shining.

8. Clothes are arranged in chests, when worn, they hang on the shelf.

9. Hundreds of rivers and thousands of streams are all settled.

10. The sky is clear and cloudy.

11. The sky makes the four sides rain dust and incense.

12. The jade god Minh Nguyet hangs in the palace or house.

13. The torches in the bow are no longer in use.

14. The sun, moon and stars are all out of action.

15. The Phi star appeared to wait for the Prince’s birth.

16. Bao Thien’s treasure covered the palace.

17. The gods of the eight directions brought precious gems.

18. Hundred natural heavenly food in front.

19. Thousands of treasure jars hung full of orange juice.

20. The angel brought a car decorated with seven treasures.

21. Five hundred white elephants naturally lined up in front of the temple.

22. Five hundred white lions descended from Snow Mountain and stood in rows at the city gate.

23. The female body of the gods appeared with musical skills on her shoulders.

24. Female Dragon Kings surround the palace.

25. Tens of thousands of heavenly female pearls holding peacock feathers waved on the wall of the Crown Prince’s palace.

26. The female body of the heavens holding a golden vase filled with fragrant water stood in line in the air.

27. The music of the sky rose up at the same time.

28. All hell stops suffering.

29. Poisonous insects lurking, healthy birds flying, singing songs.

30. The evil fisherman and the hunter who have animosity at the same time generate compassion.

31. All women in the country who want to become pregnant conceive to give birth to a boy. Hundreds of diseases such as blindness, deafness, muteness, schizophrenia, scabies, etc., were all completely cured.

32. The tree god incarnates the person who bows down to stand and serve.

At that time, all nations used the best sounds to praise these unprecedented things.

… The bhikkhus and the assembly heard all of them joyfully, bowed down to the Buddha, and then withdrew.

(Excerpt from the source: Buddha Speaks Sutra, The Crown Prince Shows Good omen, Volume Upper)


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