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I and mine are just sounds that describe a false appearance, not a true nature, ignorant ordinary people have a delusional consciousness of self-grasping, so they misunderstand it as a real entity, thus giving birth to sex. , ambition, attachment and self-created suffering.

The ego of loved ones is not your own

I am not my own and my loved ones are not my own. In other words, there is no Self that belongs to you, not even yourself and your loved ones. I and mine are just sounds that describe a false appearance, not a real entity, ignorant ordinary people with a confused mind accept the Self should be mistaken as a real entity, thus giving birth to desires, ambitions, and attachments and creating for themselves sorrow and suffering.

Any relative who is related in any way is not his own. How many other people do our parents depend on: They are the same parents of our brothers and sisters, a member of the family collective, a clan, a citizen, a member of the human community… Parents I can’t spend my whole life, giving up all my thoughts and time to contacting myself personally, no longer knowing anyone else. A child loves his parents out of filial piety, but the thought of monopolizing his parents for himself is a delusion of the mind. Stupid. The same is true of other relatives, such as the relationship between husband and wife, relatives and children, brothers and sisters, uncles, aunts, friends…

The mind of no-self, the mind of humility is the mind of a saint


In short, in the type of Selfless Person, one’s own self and the other’s self are both fictitious and devoid of reality. The awakened Buddha does not only live for himself separately, must immerse himself in everyone’s lifestyle, and at the same time do not cling to the false belief that his loved ones live only for himself, without caring and caring for him. now live for many others, not monopolize loved ones. During love, boys and girls often say to each other that they are the only lovers. This is just a new word that is sincere and sincere while being impulsive in accordance with the feeling that suddenly comes out of the mouth.

This is not a statement that is true to the true nature of human beings, not to the Pure Bliss of the Mind of the person who has realized the principle of no-self. In other words, this is a statement that is true to the mind of someone who is attached to the Fake Self, but not to the mind of the person who keeps Mindfulness and lives with the True Self and the Great Self. The person who realizes the theory of No-self does not have to deny life with himself, but only transforms and leaves the Vault of Self to live fully with the True Self, the pure essence available in himself, living fully means 100 out of 100. still a little lingering with Vong Nga. Therefore, the True Self is also known as the Great Self, the Perfection of Self.

In French type Selfless The contemplation is as follows: Any conditioned dharma, that is, something or an event that appears and occurs, has intrinsic emptiness. That is the content of the sentence Van Phap Gia Voi. The phenomenon perceived by humans is only a fake appearance, that is, it is not real, if the cause and conditions are gathered together, then yes, if the cause and conditions are dispersed, they will see no, that is the reason of Sac-No.

The attitude of an awakened person towards the principle of Impermanence, Non-Self, when contemplating the Cause and Conditions, when they meet and disappear, when they are born and when they die, Yes or no, that’s a wonderful response to Dependent Law: Conditional assembly is the end, the condition of dispersal is the end. , never the predestined. This sentence explains that a person who is well versed in the Law of Non-Self sees an opportunity and thinks if it is a good condition, if it is a good condition, he will keep it and apply it to benefit himself and others. themselves, for others, leave. In the event that the predestined conditions end up to a certain point in time when the predestined conditions are exhausted and dissolved, the application should be terminated to avoid any harm to you, and never hold on to nostalgia once the predestined conditions are no longer available. That is the free attitude of the awakened one.



Understanding non-self leads to peace

Specific examples to clarify the Law of No-Self: A drop of water has no self-nature, the name called Water is just an illusion, the union of two Hydrogen and Oxygen gases. When conditions come together, there is water; when conditions separate, there is no water. The sound that came out at the mouth of the water was just a fake fake. Even the name called Water also changes according to the theory of Impermanence: Water is in liquid form, when it meets hot gas, it evaporates and rises to gather into Clouds. Clouds from above meet cold air and gather to form Raindrops, returning to liquid form, meeting cold air lower, they become Snow and Ice. Impermanence and No-self are two natural principles of all things that are closely related to each other, without separate operations.

3. Realization and magic use

Everything is impermanent and no-self, how should people behave in order to survive and be at peace? After realizing, people don’t just have to look with their eyes crossed and bear the battle to let the situation attract them in a negative way. Humans must know how to act positively and use magic depending on circumstances to achieve what they want. In Buddhism, it’s called Dependent Dependency, in full, it’s Dependent on Magical Application or Dependent on Magical Use. Only in this way can people overcome all obstacles and progress to peace and freedom.

Still taking the Drop of Water as a typical example: Humans have wonderfully exploited the Drop of Impermanent and Selfless Water to build human civilization. A steam engine is a magical case of converting from liquid to vapor to create a power by combining liquid water with hot gas. Humans have exploited the application of the theory of Impermanence, no-self, operating in a drop of water to create the power to run a machine like a steam engine in a locomotive, in a ship, etc. Water meets cold air and freezes into ice. frozen food…

For the scene of Impermanence and Selflessness when contemplating things, if you fold your arms and surrender to the condition in a passive way, it is the case that the scene leads to the mind, the scene will lead to sorrow and suffering; If you know that depending on the condition, the positive response is the case where the mind leads the scene, the mind will lead to purity, peace and serenity.


Normally, the practice of contemplating the law of no-self should start from the cause of no-self and then go to the dharma of no-self. Contemplating the appearance and the event of a Drop of water dissolving into the Ocean is a typical case of both clarifying the theory of Impermanence and the principle of Not-Self, and consistently covering the whole of Humanity and Selflessness when considering a drop of water as an individual human being. , the ocean is the community of humanity and the Dharma of No-self when considering a drop of water as a thing, a phenomenon in everyone’s daily life.


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