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Buddha taught, deep conditions are compatible, thin conditions are dissolved, everything depends on conditions, if you don’t ask for it, you won’t suffer. Therefore, is it better to take a calm attitude, smile and watch people’s stories change, to see the leaves falling from the branches today into green sprouts on the tops of tomorrow’s branches.

In fact, in everyone’s life there are many things that cannot be explained. It is because of not understanding this that people are always full of thoughts.

Everyone living in the world has the feeling that everything is according to arrangement! When will you meet someone, whatever happens is okay.”predestined” transport.

To be a human being is to learn how to calmly deal with everything, calmly deal with all fairness and injustice in life, and calmly accept all arrangements that are both agreeable and disagreeable. That is the way of the wise man. There is no need to be overjoyed when you come, you don’t need to cry bitterly…

People with predestined relationships in hundreds of directions still meet, people without debt meet again and part ways.

Everything is dependent, what has passed, let it go, let it go, so calmly face it, cherish all that is in the present, so that you can live naturally and peacefully. And if you try to hold on, it will only make you live forever in hopelessness and mentally burdened.

People in the world, if they compare and calculate too much, they will form a bond.

So, don’t pay too much attention, when you have something, truly cherish it, when you lose something, don’t be sad and regretful. Paying too much attention, too deeply will make you lose half of your happiness, taking everything lightly will make life more sublimated, much lighter!

Live in the world, what comes, cherish it, what must go, let go, so you can live in true freedom. Living according to nature is a kind of wisdom, also a kind of realm of the enlightened.

Fate comes, fate goes, grace is like water flowing over a bridge!

Meet in life a word Duyen

Cherish each other’s present moment

The person who came, graciously gave his heart

People come back, stop being entangled in their own interests!


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