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Under the leadership of monk Ugandawe Buddharakkitha, the Uganda Buddhist Center recently officially inaugurated the first Buddhist primary school in the country.

Sasirit Tangulrat, Thailand’s ambassador to Kenya, is on a bilateral negotiation on the interests of the two countries with Uganda’s President, Yoweri Museveni. As a devout Buddhist of the land of the Golden Temple, she said Thailand is ready to work with Uganda to promote the long-term development of this special facility.

This is a school that provides free education to students, especially those from the local community. “The Uganda Buddhist Primary School will be a place for people to learn how to train their hands, cultivate their minds and transform their souls through meditation,” said Buddharakkitha.

According to information from the Uganda Buddhist Center: “Currently, there are 24 children attending the kindergarten program, or ‘Peace School’, taught by us. Between the ages of 3-5, the children are from the surrounding Bulega area. We are sponsoring 3 full-time classroom teachers and 2 staff members to serve people and support classes.”

Ms. Sasirit Tangulrat, Ambassador of Thailand visited the Uganda Buddhist Center

The purpose of the “Peace School” program is to provide an ethical educational environment so that children can become good citizens in society later. In addition, the school also wishes to establish an education based on mindfulness in order to contribute to bringing peace and happiness to both the body, mind and the outside society, and at the same time, to help students to pay more attention to the natural environment.

In addition to Buddhist teachings and practices, the institution also teaches traditional African ethical values, such as Ubuntu, a philosophy that explains the close bond of all people. In the world. In addition, here, teachers also provide classes in computer science and foreign languages ​​to help students approach the modern world in the most basic ways.

Buddharakkitha, the head of the center, said that unlike other religions, Buddhism does not force anyone to convert. With the establishment of this special school, he only wishes that the children in Uganda will be taught many meaningful lessons and help them rise up in life.

It is known that the Uganda Buddhist Primary School is just one of many projects he undertakes to help the community. Other projects include building boreholes, planting trees and supporting the poor.

Founded in the city of Entebbe in 2005 by monk Buddharakkitha, the Uganda Buddhist Center is the first and only Buddhist institution in the African country. Originally from a Christian family in Uganda, but after meeting and learning the Dharma from two Thai monks in India, Buddharakkhita converted to Buddhism and later ordained as a monk with Hoa Sayadaw U Silananda in California in 2002.

Wishing to spread Buddhism widely and build a Buddhist Sangha in his native Africa, in 2005 he returned to Uganda to set up a Buddhist center and teach mindfulness methods to those in need. people around here. In addition, he also strives to carry out projects on Buddhist education, humanitarian activities, and gender equality propaganda to contribute to changing as well as eliminating prejudices and misconceptions of African people about Buddhism.


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