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Although there was heavy rain on the morning of May 4, 2022 (April 4 of the Year of the Tiger), but could not slow down the steps of monks, nuns, and lay Buddhists to go to Quan Am Dong Hai Pagoda – Vinh Chau town. attend the ceremony of Buddha’s birthday – Buddhist calendar 2566 – Solar calendar 2022.

The scene of Buddha’s birthday 2566 in Vinh Chau

Quang Lam attended the ceremony with Elder Thach Huon Church – Head of the Buddhist Sangha Representative Committee of Vinh Chau town, Sang No Church – Deputy Head of the Central Supervisory Board – Head of the Executive Board of the Buddhist Sangha of Soc Trang province, together with the venerable monks and nuns of the establishments. worship and a large number of lay Buddhists attended.

On the side of the government, there were Mr. Do Tan Hau – Vice Chairman of the Fatherland Front Committee of Soc Trang Province and the province’s internal affairs and security agencies, Ms. Phan Thi Xinh Huong – Deputy Secretary of Vinh Chau Town Party Committee, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Liem – Chairman People’s Committee of Vinh Chau town, together with agencies, departments and mass organizations of Vinh Hai town and commune.

After offering flowers to celebrate Buddha’s birthday, the venerable monks, nuns, lay Buddhists and delegates listened to the message of Buddha’s Birthday – Buddhist calendar 2566 of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha. In the speech of the Great Ceremony, of HT. Chairman of the Executive Council of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, province, highlighted the important significance of the Great Ceremony and activities of the monasteries, monks, nuns, lay people, and Buddhists in the country who have had religious and religious activities. Father Tu’s birthday.

Monks, nuns and Buddhists attend Buddha's birthday ceremony

Monks, nuns and Buddhists attend Buddha’s birthday ceremony

Representatives of the local government have raised concerns in supporting the temple to carry out social activities as well as religious activities in the regulations of the Church.

Next, monks, nuns, laypeople, Buddhists and delegates participated in the recitation ceremony to celebrate Buddha’s birthday, bathing the Buddha and dedicating merit along with the liberating ritual.


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