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When the lotus petals bloom to welcome the coming of the Buddha’s birthday, millions of hearts of Buddha’s children rejoice in the day when the Buddha appeared, on the morning of May 11, 2022 (at Vien Thong Thien Tu pagoda – Kim Long commune). – Tam Duong district), the district Buddhist Sangha solemnly held the Buddha’s birthday celebration PL.2566 – DL.2022.

The ceremony is under the witness of: DD. Thich Tam Vuong – Deputy Head of BTS – Chief Secretary of the Provincial Buddhist Sangha – Head of the Tam Duong District Buddhist Sangha; DD. Thich Giang Quang – Deputy Head of the Buddhist Sangha of Tam Duong district; together with the venerable monks, nuns and Buddhists in the district attended.


On the side of the government, there were: Mr. Nguyen Van Toan – Deputy Head of Religious Affairs Department of the Provincial Department of Home Affairs; Senior Colonel Vu Anh Son – Head of Homeland Security Division – Provincial Public Security; Ms. Kieu Thi Hong Hoa – Member of the Standing Committee – Vice Chairwoman of the District People’s Council; Mr. Le Xuan Binh – Member of the Standing Committee – Vice Chairman of the District People’s Committee; Ms. Bui Thi Thuy – Member of the Standing Committee – Chairman of the Fatherland Front Committee of Tam Duong district; together with agencies, mass organizations, local authorities to give flowers and congratulate.

After the rite Buddha’s Remembrance Pray for family members, salute the National Flag, Dao Flag and enter a moment of compassion to commemorate the Great Patriarchs, commemorate heroes and martyrs, martyrs, and compatriots who died for independence. freedom of the country. In the dignified and peaceful atmosphere, the venerable monks and the entire assembly wholeheartedly listened to the Buddha. Thich Tam Vuong – Head of the Buddhist Sangha of Tam Duong district announced the reading of the Message of the Buddha’s Birthday Celebration of the 2566 calendar of the Elder Most Venerable Thich Tri Quang – Acting Dharma Master of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha; DD. Thich Giac Quang – Deputy Head of the Buddhist Sangha of Tam Duong district read the Buddha’s birthday speech on the 2566 calendar of the Most Venerable Thich Thien Nhon – Chairman of the Executive Council of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha.


Along with that, in the spirit of compassion, suffering, and happiness of Buddhism, implementing the motto “Buddhism always accompanies the nation”, on the occasion of the Buddha’s birthday, the Board of Directors of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha in Tam Duong district awarded 30,000. 000 VND to support the fund for the poor in Tam Duong district.


On this occasion, the Executive Board of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha in Tam Duong district received bouquets of flowers and congratulations from the Executive Board of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha in Hai Phong city, the Religious Affairs Committee of the Department of Home Affairs, the Department of Homeland Security of the Provincial Public Security, and the authorities at all levels. Local authorities, departments and representatives of Buddhists are living in a number of temples in the district. Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Le Xuan Binh representing the Tam Duong district administration expressed and highly appreciated the role of Buddhism in the general development of the whole society; especially during the years of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Board of Directors of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha in Tam Duong district has always accompanied the local authorities at all levels in the work of repelling the Covid-19 epidemic, well performing charity activities. , humanitarian, contribute to ensuring social security, protect the environment, well implement patriotic emulation movements.. At the same time, on the occasion of Buddha’s birthday, on behalf of all levels of government in the district, Mr. best wishes to the venerable monks, nuns, and co-teachers in the district to welcome a happy and peaceful Buddha’s birthday.

At the end of the ceremony, the Honored Ones and the Buddhists joyfully bathed in fresh cool water on the body of the Buddha’s birth, developed a mind to practice in accordance with the Dharma, compassion and harmony, serving sentient beings, and praying to the Buddha. complete achievements, and people’s lives are prosperous and well developed, in peace in the teachings of the Tathagata.


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