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On the occasion of Buddha’s birthday, calendar 2566, solar calendar 2022, on the morning of May 11, on behalf of the leaders of the Party and State, Standing Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh visited and congratulated the Central Committee of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha. and monks, nuns and Buddhists at Quan Su pagoda.

Welcoming the delegation on the side of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha were: HT. Thich Thanh Nhieu – Standing Vice Chairman of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha; HT. Thich Gia Quang – Vice Chairman of the Council of TS, Head of the Central Committee of Information and Communications; Head of the Central Buddhist Education Department; HT. Thich Thanh Dien – Deputy Secretary General of the TSSC, Chief of Office of the Central Committee.

Congratulating the Central Committee of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha and all monks, nuns and Buddhists on welcoming the Buddha’s birthday, Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh affirmed that Buddha’s birthday is not just an important religious event. It is also an important cultural and religious festival in the spiritual and religious life of the Buddhist people in Vietnam, but also a world cultural and religious festival recognized by the United Nations General Assembly since 1999. This is an international festival. on religion and culture within the framework of the United Nations in order to actively contribute to the efforts to create peace and happiness for the people and for humanity.

Standing Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh presented flowers and congratulated the Central Committee of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, monks, nuns and Buddhists. Photo: VNA

With the compassionate spirit of Buddhism, the patriotic tradition and the spirit of protecting the nation and the people, always sticking with and accompanying the nation of Vietnamese Buddhism, through each period of the country’s history, there have been many High dignitaries increased their virtue, devoted themselves to religion and life, and contributed to building a prosperous nation. In the nation’s history, Buddhism participated in the struggle to protect the country. It was a religion that made great contributions during the revolutionary wars against the French and the Americans. Many high monks took part in the revolution, many temples were shelters and shelters for revolutionary cadres. Buddhism with the spirit of entering the world always has a worthy contribution to the country and the nation.

Today, with the motto “Dharma – Nation – Socialism”, Vietnamese Buddhism continues to make great contributions to the construction and development of the country. Monks, nuns, and Buddhists always promote the spirit of solidarity and harmony with the direction of sticking, accompanying the nation, and working with local authorities to well perform the tasks of socio-economic development, construction and defend the Fatherland, actively participate in and organize many social charity activities.

Information on the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Standing Deputy Prime Minister of the Government said, with the promotion of the synergy of the whole political system, well implementing the motto “go to every alley, knock door to door”, checking people with signs of infection, organizing isolation from the beginning when detecting and zoning out the epidemic, etc., Vietnam has prevented and controlled the epidemic, assessed by the World Health Organization and other countries people have more confidence in the leadership of the Party and State. In these joint efforts, there is the active cooperation of monks, nuns and Buddhists nationwide.

However, Standing Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh said that the epidemic still had unpredictable developments. In the condition of opening to trade, we must have the right policy, be very vigilant, not to let the epidemic recur, and realize the dual goal of both good epidemic prevention and control, and socio-economic development at the same time. do not let the effects of the epidemic cause a deep decline in the economy.

The Standing Deputy Prime Minister hopes that the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha encourages monks, nuns and Buddhists to strictly follow the directives of the Party and the State on COVID-19 prevention and control, limiting mass gatherings, religious activities in accordance with the actual situation, contributing to socio-economic development so that Vietnam continues to be a bright spot in epidemic prevention and control, as well as a bright spot in economic development- society.

The Deputy Prime Minister affirmed that Vietnam has made very important contributions to world Buddhism when organizing VESAK three times, helping to enhance the role and position of Vietnamese Buddhism in the world. showing the Party and State’s interest in Buddhism. The hosting of VESAK is also an opportunity to promote the image of a friendly and hospitable Vietnam in the hearts of friends around the world. Vietnam Buddhism has always accompanied the nation in building and protecting the land. in the country, Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh emphasized, the Party and State pay great attention to religious people in general and to monks, nuns and Buddhists in particular; expressed joy that after two years of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, religious activities in general, including those of Buddhism, have been re-organized with Buddha’s birthday 2022. Emphasis, 2022 is a very important year for Vietnamese Buddhism with the organization of the 9th Buddhist Congress of Vietnam, the Deputy Prime Minister believes that the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha will successfully organize the Congress with the motto “Dharma-dharma- Nationalism-Socialism”.

Expressing his pleasure to welcome the delegation to visit and congratulate the Buddha’s birthday, Most Venerable Thich Thanh Nhieu, Standing Vice Chairman of the Executive Council of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha affirmed, continuing the tradition of accompanying the nation. To unite to build the country, promote the spirit of entering the world, the Church will continue to direct monks, nuns and Buddhists to strictly implement the directives of the Party and the State, contributing to promoting economic growth and preserving social security. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Executive Boards of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha of provinces and cities have strongly mobilized donors to donate hundreds of tons of rice to support people facing difficulties due to the COVID-19 epidemic. donated medical equipment, masks and sanitizers for epidemic prevention and control.

In 2021, the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha will organize the Vietnam Buddhist Congress at district and district level. Up to now, about 20 provinces and cities across the country have completed organizing the Provincial Congress. In 2022, the 9th Vietnam Buddhist Congress will be held with the motto “Dharma-Nationalism-Socialism”. Most Venerable Thich Thanh Nhieu affirmed that in the coming time, besides successfully organizing the Congress, Vietnamese Buddhism will continue to accompany the nation, build and develop the country together.


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