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The person, life and teachings of the Buddha are increasingly being researched and discovered by scientists and scholars.

Not only because it is a valuable and unique topic, but also a great treasure, containing the truths, secrets of the universe and human life along with a clear morality for mankind.

He is the All-Enlightened One who thoroughly understands the logic of the entire universe, transcends the three realms and abides in the eternal Nirvana; However, His greatness is not only that. We receive the Buddha’s grace in all his teachings, detailed and specific teachings and even the path of salvation and suffering that he left to people; But how great He is, not everyone remembers.

And I would be one of those Buddhas who didn’t know anything about his supreme greatness, if not for one day by chance I read the Great Compassion Lotus Sutra (referred to as the Lotus Sutra).

That day, I cried like I’ve never cried before; Looking back now, my heart still tears, because that was the moment I was extremely happy and also the most important spiritual turning point in my life.

He chose us, sentient beings with few good roots, not even the slightest good root to love

Before that, I had read a number of important Buddhist scriptures, and each of them touched and amazed me, but it was only when I read the Lotus Sutra that the great Lord Buddha in me a new light shines; not only that, in any other sutras when rereading and reciting, now I can easily see that about him.

And I’m sure that, with just a moment’s silence, any Buddha’s son will realize the transcendent greatness of the Buddha, a greatness that no words can express, and no concept. which can be quantified. Because all the sutras that the Buddha preached, all the teachings he gave, and the treasures of the Buddha-dharma that we have inherited from him all stem from his great compassion. But above all, it is His birth, His Birth in this world, that is the ultimate greatness. That is a profound promise, a testament to which I am forever grateful.

Right. All Buddhas are compassionate and great. All the Buddhas who came out of the world to save sentient beings, preached the Dharma, and brought light into the darkness. But why the emergence of Buddha Shakyamuni is it the greatest, the most exalted, that even the World-Honored Ones of the ten directions praise?

Because, the greatness of the Buddha is not only to bring people out of the sea of ​​sufferings of birth and death, but also to comfort, support, sympathize and pity all sentient beings, without distinction. He is the great Father – the Father of all beings, he is the great teacher – the Great Teacher of all beings, the great Mother who takes over even the most unwholesome people. He is the Great Compassion, the Great Wisdom, the Great Virtue. If he did not appear in this world of forbearance, humanity and sentient beings would still be engulfed in darkness and gloom, not knowing when they would ever meet the Buddha, listen to the Dharma, cultivate goodness or rather, it is very possible. this world is not as beautiful as it is today and without us today. And no one will tell people that we have been promised the ability to protect, guide and save lives from countless past lives.

The Bi-Flower Sutra, also known as the Bodhisattva Life Sutra, the Immeasurable Buddhas or the Manifestations of the World’s Buddhas…; this is a particularly unique set of sutras, because in the sutras, the Buddha expounded on the causes and conditions of practicing the Dharma and the vows of many Buddhas and bodhisattvas, including Buddhas and bodhisattvas. slaps are familiar to us, and all 1,004 Buddhas of the Good kalpa will attain wisdom in this world of the Patience system. And it can also be said that this is a special set of sutras that have fully explained the causes and conditions of practice, the vows and the vast and profound vows of Buddha Shakyamuni, since his predecessor was still a Brahma. named Bao Hai, for the first time generated the mind of Unsurpassed Bodhi. Right in the first vow, becoming a new-willed Bodhisattva, Pham Chi Bao Hai caused a sensation in the three thousand great thousand worlds because of his very strange and special vow: the sincere prayer. of great compassion.

To be precise, he made 500 vows. Yes, 500 vows, without loopholes, without residue to be able to save all sentient beings in this evil Saha world. It is a world “full of bitter salt, sand, gravel, mountains, streams, crevices, caves, flies, mosquitoes, and poisonous snakes. Poisonous birds and wild animals crowded everywhere. Obstacle winds, unseasonal storms often arise, hailstorms and heavy rains often fall against the season. In that rain water has poison, sour taste, salty taste, bitter taste. That rain makes plants and trees proliferate, so the branches, branches, flowers, fruits, and rice all contain all kinds of poisons… so when sentient beings eat them, their anger and anger will increase. haggard appearance without any freshness, without compassion, often slandering saints” (Merica Sutra, page 695). This world of Forbearance is filled with beings “who have all lost their good roots, separated from good and knowledgeable beings, often harboring anger and anger, and are not tolerated by other Buddha lands, due to karma.” Because of his heavy strength, he was born here in the sane kalpa, with a life span of only one hundred and twenty years” (Braise Sutra, page 694).

He was not only a giver;  He is also a helper and protector for all sentient beings

He was not only a giver; He is also a helper and protector for all sentient beings

It is the world of sentient beings who “have left good karma, created bad karma, have lost their good heart, committed the five transgressions, destroyed the Dharma, followed wrong views, and their heavy crimes piled up like a mountain. big…” (The Bi-Flower Sutra, page 688). A world where “beings are stupid, only doing their own thing; always smug about her beauty and being born into a noble family; yet have all the qualities of indulgence, laziness, greed, stinginess, jealousy, envy, being born in an evil and dark world full of the five defilements, deep lust, ill will, stupidity, pride… not often practice, submerged in greed, anger, delusion; do not practice ten good things, often do ten evils, are often covered by four madnesses… fall into poverty and misery, no longer know what to avoid and fear… often despise each other… Even threatening and afraid of each other, in just a short time of a meal, the evil karmas created by body, mouth, and mind are immeasurable. Again, using that evil deed, praise and praise it” (Morica Sutra, pp. 690-692).

This Saha world is exactly like that, a place of rebirth of all the evil beings that drift around without any Buddha lands tolerating them, no Buddhas and Bodhisattvas willing to take them. in the meeting place of beings with deep afflictions that even 1,004 Buddhas (which were 1,004 Buddhas born in the Good kalpa) had to let go; and except for the great compassion of the Blessed One.

Pham Chi Bao Hai, or predecessor of the World-Honored One, was the last person to take vows before the Blessed One, he found that most of the Buddhas and even 1,004 Buddhas appeared in the world in the time of the Good kalpa, where Saha world, all “do not accept such an evil world”, and even in that Good kalpa, the other Bodhisattvas “also avoid the world with the five defilements”; This made Pham Chi Bao Hai feel “the mind is agitated like in a time of emergency clinging to a tree branch, in his heart is very worried and sad, his body is exhausted because of the other Bodhisattvas, although he has great compassion. but cannot accept the evil world with the five defilements, so the sentient beings here must fall into darkness and gloom” (page 683). “The other Buddhas all made a vow to receive the pure and mysterious world. Sentient beings in the pure worlds are all able to tame themselves well, their minds are pure, they have planted good roots, they diligently practice, have made offerings to countless Buddhas, and have now been received. into the pure Buddha land”; and those “beings have to drift in birth and death as if caught in a wheel, with no one to help and protect; no one to rely on, to follow; no shelter, no light to guide the way; Those sentient beings have to endure all kinds of suffering and yet be let go.” What should I do?

With a heart of great compassion, deep and true, Mr. Pham Chi Bao Hai determined to practice and practice the Bodhisattva path, to stay for an immeasurable time in samsara, to endure all sufferings and to be determined not to let go of those sentient beings. born like this, sentient beings are the humans of this world. He not only tamed and taught human beings, but also generously gave; “providing adequate food and drink, medicine, clothing, beds and chairs for houses and hamlets, perfumed flowers and pearls; helping sick people have enough medicine, care”, “objects such as banners, precious umbrellas, money, rice, silk cloth, elephants and horses, vehicles, gold and silver, pearls, lapis lazuli, crystals, precious stones, sapphires …”, and things that are difficult to give such as “servants, villages, towns, wives and children, hands and feet, nose, tongue, head and eyes, skin and bones, flesh and blood, body and life…” . So much so that, throughout this Saha world, there is no place, even as small as a mustard seed, that is not a place to lay down His life.

Again, he vowed to save, so “for each of these sentient beings, he planted good roots, so within ten kalpas he accepted into the Abhi hell to endure countless sufferings, and was also reborn in other realms, animals, hungry ghosts to ghosts and spirits, or born as poor and lowly people”; and “will remain in this samsara for as long as the number of kalpas is equal to the number of dust particles in a buddha-field, so that sentient beings will, for the fruit of Anandala samadhi, immediately plant good roots, get out of the bad way, stay safe in the dharmas of merit and wisdom.” He again vowed to save sentient beings with deep sin and suffering who are falling in the hells of suffering by all means of merit and virtue, “if karma…


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