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As long as we have a good heart, that ice-cold blanket will finally be warmed by us. At that time, that thick “cotton blanket” will also know how to keep us warm. We sleep in such a “cotton blanket”, isn’t it very warm?

In an old and dilapidated temple, the young monk, frustrated and disappointed, said to the old monk:

– In this small temple, there are only two of us monks. When I went down the mountain to become predestined, everyone was saying bad words to us, and often called me wild monk. They give us smoke incense less and less tragically.

The Venerable Master continued:

– Today I went for alms, it was so cold, but no one opened the door for me, even the rice I gave was very little. The Bodhi Temple we want to become a thousand-room temple, the bells ringing incessantly as Master said, I’m afraid it’s impossible.

The old monk put on a robe and didn’t say a word, just closed his eyes and listened quietly, the little monk kept talking and nagging constantly…

Finally, the old monk opened his eyes wide and asked:

– Now outside, the north wind is blowing strongly, and the sky is covered with snow and ice, do you feel cold?

The little monk, trembling all over, said:

– I’m cold, my legs are both numb!

Buddha said: If you want to receive good conditions, people’s hearts must be honest


The old monk said:

– Then why should we go to bed early!

The old monk and the little monk turned off the lights and got into the blankets to sleep.

An hour later, the old monk asked:

– Do you feel warm now?

The Venerable Master replied:

– Of course I feel warm, like sleeping in the sun!

The old monk said:

– Before, the comforter left on the bed was cold, but when someone lay on it, it became warm. Can you tell me, is it a blanket to warm people or is it a person to warm a quilt?

When the little monk heard this, he smiled and said:

– Master, you are so confused, how can a cotton blanket warm you up, it must be because people make the blanket to warm it up!

The old monk asked:

– Cotton blankets do not give us warmth and still need us to warm it, then why do we still cover cotton blankets?

The Venerable Master thought for a moment and then said:

– Although the comforter does not warm us, the thick blanket can keep us warm, making us sleep comfortably.

In the dark, the old monk understood the meaning of laughter:

– We are monks chanting and ringing bells, aren’t we like people lying under cotton blankets? Aren’t those sentient beings a thick blanket?

As long as we have one heart good direction, then the ice cold blanket will finally be warmed by us. At that time, that thick “cotton blanket” will also know how to keep us warm. We sleep in such a “cotton blanket”, isn’t it very warm?

Just be honest, the sky will be arranged



The thousand-chambered pagoda, the temple bells ringing unceasingly, could it still be in a dream?

When the little monk heard it, he woke up and understood everything.

Starting the next day, the little monk got up very early to go down the mountain to become predestined. The little monk still encountered the same evil words as before. However, the little monk always maintained a gentle and polite attitude towards everyone.

Ten years later…

Bo De Pagoda has become a temple with an area of ​​​​more than ten square kilometers, with many monks and pilgrims coming non-stop. The little monk also became the abbot.

In fact, in this world, we are all lying in cotton blankets, the other person is our quilt. When we use our hearts to warm the comforter, the comforter will also keep us warm.

Sleep… cover… a lifetime, but today I know… It turns out that the relationship between people and blankets is like that.


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