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On the morning of April 8/lunar calendar, at Huong Mai Wood and Fine Art Furniture company, address 1 Nguyen Van Cu – Dong Ky Tu Son city, Bac Ninh province, Capital Buddhist businessman Dao Trang belongs to the Hoang Phap board. The Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha in Hanoi solemnly held the Buddha’s Birthday – PL 2566 – DL 2022.

To prove attendance at the ceremony there were: TT. Thich Tam Duc – Standing member of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha, Vice President of the Vietnam Buddhist Academy in Ho Chi Minh City; TT. Thich Chieu Tue – Member of the Buddhist Council, Deputy Head of the Central Committee for Dissemination of the Law, Head of the Ho Chi Minh City Buddhist Sangha Dissemination Committee. Hanoi, Vice Rector of Hanoi Buddhist Intermediate School; DD. Thich Tri Thuan – Deputy Secretary of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha Department of Education, HCMC. Hanoi; Vice President of Buddhist Administration of Soc Son District, Vice President of the Executive Board of the Lecturer Training Class, monks and nuns and nearly 300 Businessmen, Buddhists, and employees of Huong Mai Company happily attended. .


After paying respects to the venerable ones, the monasteries dignified and dignified to listen to the Buddha’s birthday message of His Holiness the Dharma Master of the TWGHPGVN by TT. Thich Tam Duc reads and gives speeches Great Buddha Day PL 2566 – DL 2022 issued by DT. Thich Tri Thuan declared reading.

On behalf of the Venerables, Most Venerable Thich Chieu Tue gave a Dharma talk to lay Buddhists about the meaning of Buddha’s birthday. The Venerable also emphasized the merits and significance of the teachings that he preached to bring many benefits to sentient beings.


After that, the monks and the assembly chanted at the same time a prayer to pray for the peace of the nation, and the Buddhists were guided to perform the ritual of bathing the Buddha in joy and gratitude.



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