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On the morning of May 8, 2022 (on April 8, the year of the Tiger), in the joyful atmosphere everywhere to celebrate Buddha’s birthday; Hung Long pagoda – Phuc Nhi village, Thanh Phong commune, Thanh Liem district, Ha Nam province solemnly celebrated Buddha’s birthday PL.2566 – DL.2022.

On an early summer morning with light rays of sunshine, cool breezes gently blowing, the village temple flutters with flags and flowers, the Buddha’s children are joyful and happy to celebrate the Buddha’s birthday appearing in the world.

Buddha’s birthday solemnly took place under the noble demonstration of the venerable monks. Attending and congratulating the Buddha’s birthday, representatives of all levels of government were Mr. Nguyen Huu Tuong – Standing Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Head of the Religious Affairs Committee of Thanh Phong Commune; Mr. Pham Van Tin – Chairman of Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Thanh Phong commune and representatives of leaders of local departments and organizations.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the children in the Buddhist family of Hung Long Pagoda on behalf of all Buddhists at home respectfully offered offerings to the Tu Father and presented to the venerable deities fresh flower baskets fragrant with compassion and kindness. gratitude of the children of Buddha.


The whole religious group clasped their hands together to dignify the lotus bud, and gathered their thoughts to receive the meaningful message on the occasion of the Buddha’s birthday by His Holiness the Dharma Master of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha through the proclamation of Venerable Thich Dong Anh. “In any case, a Buddhist disciple must also uphold morality, uphold the precepts and obey the law; at the same time diligently practice the teachings of love, compassion, joy, and equanimity to nourish body and mind. That is the foundation for implementing social responsibility, eliminating evil, hatred and insensitivity in society. This is also the premise and motivation for each of us to fulfill our social responsibilities and build a better society together.”

In order for the Buddhists to better understand the ultimate purpose of the Buddha’s birth and the meaning of the Buddha Bathing ritual, the public listened to the sharing from Venerable Thich Tinh Dieu – Abbot of Hung Long Pagoda. . Through the teacher’s teachings, Buddhists seem to have been opened up and have more respect for the Three Jewels, gratitude to the Buddha, and increased their faith in the path of Buddhist study.


During the ceremony, Mr. Hoang Lap Phuong – Party Cell Secretary, Head of Phuc Nhi village also made a few remarks and congratulated the Buddha’s birthday of Buddhism in general and teachers and students of Hung Long pagoda in particular. The temple is the spiritual fulcrum of the Buddhist people, contributing to the construction of cultural life. To celebrate the great achievement, leaders of the government, businesses, and Buddhists near and far had bouquets of fresh flowers to offer.


The last part is also an indispensable part of the Buddha’s birthday season, which is the ritual Bathing the newborn Buddha under the guidance of the venerable monks. The smoke of frankincense mingled with the chanting of the chanting and resounding stanzas praising the Buddha, making everyone touched.

Some recorded pictures:


The solemn Buddha Bathing ritual taking place in the recitation of the Buddha’s name closed the Vesak ceremony PL.2566 – DL.2022.


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