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On the morning of May 8 (April 8 – Lunar New Year), thousands of monks, nuns, and Buddhists in Ho Chi Minh City gathered together to Vietnam Quoc Tu (District 10) to attend the Buddha Bathing Ceremony as a way of expressing their hearts. reverence and gratitude to the Buddha who appeared, enlightened to the mysterious truth, and helped sentient beings realize the Buddha’s knowledge and understanding.


Proving and attending were: Elder HT.Thich Tri Quang, Acting Law Chairman of the CM Council, Head of the Executive Board of PG City; Elder Thich Giac Tuong, Elder Thich Vien Minh, co-member of the CSC; Elder HT.Thich Tinh Hanh, Elder HT.Thich Nhu Tin, Co-Member of the CM Council; Elder HT.Thich Thien Nhon, Chairman of the Student Council; HT.Yoshimizu Daichi, former President of the Pure Land School of Japan; HT.Thich Thien Tanh, HT.Thich Thien Tam, Co-Vice-Chairman of the Council of TS, Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board of PG City; Honorable Mentors of the Buddhist Council, Ho Chi Minh City Buddhist Administration.


At exactly 6 a.m., the Most Venerable Thich Tri Quang Quang Lam, performed the ritual of inviting the body of the newborn Buddha to take his seat at the main platform. Then, the venerable and venerable monks recited incense, made offerings, and paid homage to the golden body of the Buddha.


In the sacred moment, the space is pure, the three bells of the Prajna drum are rung loudly to invite Prince Siddhartha to appear in the world; The crowd turned to the platform where the Buddha’s body was enshrined to show boundless respect for the man of the throne, the divine sage, and the Buddha-World-Honored One.


HT.Thich Le Trang, Head of the City’s Buddhist Ceremonies Committee, inaugurated the celebration of the New Year’s Day Sutra and propagated the merits of the Tathagata. “Down from Tushita, in response to Ma Da’s dream, he rode an elephant with six tusks into his mother’s womb. Under the Worryless Tree, the birth of a child appeared, nine dragons sprayed water, seven steps of professing to honor… The Buddha Shakyamuni, the words of the Birth Sutra were chanted in unison by the assembly.


The sacred and mysterious scene at Lumbini Garden more than 2500 years ago suddenly appeared in my mind.


Keeping the Dharma body pure, the Elder Righteous Dharma Master who first stepped up to perform the Buddha Bathing ritual, scooped up 3 ladles of clear water and sprinkled it on the infant Buddha’s body, from the right shoulder, the left shoulder to the foot, respectively. Next, the Venerable Monks demonstrated, monks, nuns, and Buddhists attended, in turn, performed the ritual of bathing the Buddha.


Buddha Bathing Ceremony (Moc Duc) is a traditional beauty of spiritual culture that has been preserved for a long time, thereby also containing a very sublime meaning, a topic that helps us to meditate on cleansing. own body and mind, to regain the pure awareness inherent in the mind itself.


Buddhists perform the Buddha Bathing ritual on Buddha’s birthday, which is an opportunity to look towards the golden body of the Buddha with all thirty-two good signs and eighty beauty, pure and immaculate, unborn and immortal. impure texture; then take refuge and practice the method of mindfulness, cultivate humility, and aim for the attainment of virtue and wisdom like the Buddha.


As reported, in Ho Chi Minh City, in the early morning of the 15th day of April (May 15, 2022), the City Buddhist Executive Board will solemnly organize the Buddha’s Birthday PL.2566 at the main platform, Vietnam National Self (District 10). Board of Directors of districts, cities. Thu Duc will jointly organize the Buddha’s birthday celebration depending on the conditions. At the same time, at the monasteries, many cultural and artistic activities are also carried out simultaneously to create a ripple effect, bustling together to celebrate Buddha’s birthday.


After 2 years of stopping community organization due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s Buddha’s Birthday was held by the Buddhist Executive Board of Ho Chi Minh City in a sacred and solemn way for thousands of people who love Buddhism to express themselves. domain of rejoicing about a momentous event.

Some pictures of Buddha Bathing Ceremony at VNQT:

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