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This year’s Buddha’s Birthday celebration in the ancient capital of Hue takes place from May 8 to May 15 (ie, April 8 to April 15 of the lunar calendar) throughout TTHue province, but the main highlight is still in the city. Hue City – will contribute more quintessence to a typical festival city of Vietnam.

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With the ancient capital of Hue, a major Buddhist center of the Central region and of the whole country, for a long time, Vesak season has always been an event that Buddhists have been waiting for with reverence. Not only the ancestral houses, monasteries, and Buddhist recitation halls, but also private houses, all hang lights and flowers to make offerings. And long ago, Buddha’s Birthday ceased to be a purely religious ceremony, but became a festival, a cultural event pervading the whole society.

With the consistent policy of respecting freedom of religion and belief of our Party and State, and along with socio-economic development, people’s lives have been improved day by day. Buddha’s birthday is also celebrated on a larger and larger scale. Starting from the beginning of the 4th lunar month, temples, assembly halls, administrative boards at all levels… have implemented decoration work. The work was carried out in an atmosphere of urgency but full of joy. And usually after about a week, everything is carefully ready. The colors of Buddha’s birthday were shimmering and radiant where the Buddha’s birthday week began.

All the roads and bridges in Hue are decorated with Buddha flags and lotus flowers. The temples in Hue seem to be more brilliant with the Buddha’s Birthday Ceremony, beautifully decorated flags and flowers. Le Loi street is decorated with beautiful lotus lanterns on trees. Everywhere you see lanterns of mothers and sisters roaming the streets, etc. In temples, monasteries, and platforms are decorated dignified and somewhat monumental. Buddhist flags fluttering around the neighborhoods around the temple, streets, bridges,…

According to the organizers Great Buddha Day In 2022, Thua Thien – Hue province, through a long mile of history, Buddhism has not only become the spiritual foundation of Hue residents but also is considered as one of the important elements creating Hue cultural identity. .

The imprint of Buddhist culture has been deeply imprinted in the minds of every people in this land. That imprint is not only actualized through temples, Buddha’s Remembrance sugar, or vegetarian dishes, but also present through the system of Buddhist festivals. Typical among those festivals is Buddha’s Birthday.

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In Hue, in addition to religious rites at pagodas and monasteries, there are also social programs such as gratitude activities for heroic martyrs, martyrs, art programs, exhibitions, etc. Vegetarian food, float parade, volunteering activities… On all roads from urban to rural areas, the gates of villages, hamlets and houses are decorated with flags and lights, forming a sacred and sacred scene. The joyful atmosphere of the people of Hue welcoming the Buddha’s birthday season.

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Continuing to accompany Hue Festival, Buddha’s Birthday Celebration of the 2566 calendar in Hue taking place from April 8 to 15 (lunar calendar) will contribute more quintessence to a typical festival city of Vietnam. This is also an activity to respond to the Summer Festival in order to enrich the festival programs taking place in four seasons of the year, while promoting endemic cultural heritage values, spiritual factors, and creating new products. tourism products, towards Hue Festival Week 2022 with the theme “Cultural heritage with integration and development” at the end of June.

This year’s Buddha’s Birthday celebration includes many activities spread throughout Nghinh Luong Dinh, Lieu Quan, Quoc Tu Dieu De, Tu Dam Communal House… with main programs such as: Ceremony of Lighting 7 lotus flowers on the river Incense, Buddhist cultural exhibition, vegetarian cuisine, float parade around Hue city and surrounding areas, Moc Duc ceremony, Buddha procession and the official Buddha’s birthday on the 15th day of the lunar calendar at Tu Dam Communal House …


On the romantic Perfume River are seven giant lotuses. This is a prominent cluster of symbols in the heart of Hue city, this tradition was derived from the idea of ​​a group of young monks and nuns in Hue, drawn up and implemented since the year of Vesak Festival 2008, since then, annually with the permission of the province. At home, the Buddhist Sangha of TT Hue province and the people pay attention, Seven Lotus flowers bloom on the Perfume River every time during the Buddha’s birthday season.

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This activity is very meaningful and impressive, including the lighting ceremony of 7 lotus flowers. On the night of May 8 (April 8 of the lunar calendar), the ceremony was proved and attended by a large number of people, when the singing and symphony orchestra played the song White Lotus, each lotus was lit up, flowers were lit. shimmering in the moonlight, adorning the Perfume River with a mysterious beauty, Hue city becomes warm and harmonious amidst the sound of peaceful prayer. The two ends of the city, the north is An Hoa park and the south is An Cuu park. Here are the two main symbols of the city, with logos, symbols and flags decorated completely before the week of Vesak.

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Each cluster of symbols has the meaning of purity and peace. When looking at such clusters of symbols, people entering the city feel the peace and serenity of a Buddhist holy place. On both sides of the street in the city are private ceremony stands, dotted with flags and lights. Until the village and village gates are decorated with flags and lights, and the statue of the Birth of the Lord is decorated, forming a sacred and respectful scene of the people of Hue welcoming the birthday.

Perhaps in Hue, Buddha’s birthday celebration is not simply cultural and spiritual, but also a special day for the masses in general and for monks and nuns and Buddhists in particular. Vesak Day continues to promote its positive cultural values, light up the belief in a peaceful future for the world after a period of fighting the epidemic, and contribute to realizing the goal of accompanying the people. in the cause of peace, prosperity and happiness for the country of Vietnam and all sentient beings, mankind…


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