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If the meditator pays superficial attention without mindfulness, then greed, anger, and delusion will jump in. When greed, hatred, and delusion are present, the mind is disturbed, thinking is confused due to comparison and evaluation, the mind is in an unstable state of balance.

Mindfulness is the ‘food’ of the mind every day

Mindfulness is a guide to spiritual life, a daily practice of all practitioners.

It is at that moment that we are living with defilements because of our superficial attention without mindfulness. Mindfulness is to be aware of consciousness all the time, to observe and pay attention to the mind not to let the mind wander, to be aware in the now, just now.

Mindfulness sometimes interpreted as doorman. The duty of the doorman is to watch whether people come in or go out. All of them must be aware of when people come in or go out. If there are people guarding carefully, people coming in and going out will feel afraid because there is a doorkeeper who is mindful.

In the same way, a person with mindfulness can be likened to a doorman who is always aware and on guard, not letting defilements get in the way.

When mindfulness is present, the mind is calm, the mind is undisturbed. Because of common sense, the mind often compares, evaluates, judges when it sees, compares, evaluates, judges when it hears, causing the mind to lose its balance. Mindfulness notices the object to protect the mind and prevent defilements from arising.

Mindfulness is very beneficial in all cases, while being mindful in any case is beneficial. Therefore, try to practice with mindfulness.

Mindfulness makes the mind cool, the mind pure, easy to generate concentration and purifies defilements.

Food is the food of the body – Mindfulness is the food of the mind


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