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When the grandmother was sick, her children were taken to the hospital for treatment, and the situation of mutual jealousy began to occur, regardless of who would take care of the mother. The sisters argued with each other until the end, the mother did not have any children by her side to take care of the disease, leaving her to take care of and take care of herself. Many times it was painful, unable to lift herself up, making it very difficult for her to sit up or move. The body is sick but the mood is melancholy.

At that time, there was a young man taking care of his mother with cancer in the next bed. His family is poor, but he is very filial to his mother. Seeing the situation of a seriously ill elderly person without a child by his side to take care of him, he was moved and said, “Anyway, I’m raising my mother here. She has no children to take care of. By the way, I take care of it, as if I have two mothers: a biological mother and an adopted mother. He took care of her like taking care of his mother, making her less sad, although not rich, but very filial.

Cause and effect never deceive anyone, those who sincerely develop the mind to give and make offerings will naturally meet an unexpected opportunity to develop wealth. Illustration.

One day, he sent some money to his two mothers, then ran home to take advantage of a few days to earn money and then ran back to feed.

The adoptive mother looked at her son’s filial piety and reflected that she had up to six children but couldn’t ask for any, so she sadly took the adopted brother’s money and went to the corridor to sit in awe. A little girl selling lottery tickets ran over to invite her, she gave her money to get 3 lottery tickets. Unexpectedly that afternoon, the special lot was booked, she won 3 lottery tickets, was four and a half billion. She used this money to pay off her debts of several tens of millions of dollars, giving the rest to her adopted children, not giving her six biological children a dime.

This son adopted her as an official adoptive mother and after being discharged from the hospital, he took her home to take care of her.

Actually when he took care of her, he didn’t care about money or profit, his mind was completely pure. Due to the Benevolence – this filial, helpful mind has been met predestined makes Retribution good money immediately.

Comfort the sick and elderly

Fate can make you rich

In times of trouble, when do you need a child?

That blessing is still forever

Although invisible, do not think that it is not

My son, the place is bare

No one thinks about the noble heart.

Dieu Am Le Hieu quoted from the lecture of Venerable Thich Tri Hue


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