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When the night is dark, the stars are speckled, signaling that life is still hidden in the infinite space. The sun shines because there is a dark night.

When the night is dark, the stars are speckled, signaling that life is still hidden in the infinite space. The sun shines because there is a dark night.

Humanity is forever floating in the sea of ​​birth and death led by ignorance. If there is ignorance, there must be light of wisdom; If there is samsara, the path to liberation must be present in parallel!

The immense sea of ​​suffering also has many paths upstream that are compatible with each body when filled with pain on each passing heel.

Since ancient times, there have been many wise saints leading the way, gradually time has tinged with religion, leading sentient beings into the labyrinth, away from the path of liberation.

India is one of the philosophic civilizations on the planet, and then it fades, burying many dialectic theories, turning them into antiques and rare hidden in historical documents. Suffering and depression is still the cycle of suffering that reigns in a society with a strong scent of mysticism.

In the midst of hundreds of dark humiliations, the old forest has sprouted new shoots, likewise, how many religious doctrines dominate beliefs in society, burdening society by class; instead of bringing liberation to people, it added the cruel belt of polytheism and monotheism. With every change, the principle of life always has a turn when the road comes to a standstill.

In the 17th century BC, Northern India was divided into 16 main states, 8 of which were Kingdoms and the remaining 9 were republics. “Anguttara Nikaya” (Anguttara I, 213), in the Vinaya (Vinaya, T.2, 146).

Nepal in Central India at that time, bordering the Himalayas, Devi Mahamaya was the Queen of King Suddhodana (Sanskrit), gave birth to the Crown Prince in Lumbini garden on the full moon day of April (Vesak). Reincarnated into the Gautama clan with his name Siddhartha.

Uuu flower shines on the branch under the bright light after a long dark night, the sun of wisdom soon glimmers on the radiant moon bearing the body of a baby, amidst the message of ignorance, making Taoist Asita have to cover small tears of regret that his life span could not receive a future Buddha.

The color of the sun without concern welcomes Buddha’s birthday

“Heaven in the world”

Unique self

Infinite life and death

Kim is happy”

Does that mean:

In the sky, under the sky

I’m the only one

This life is my last life

Because there is no more birth and death.

Is it a traditional weapon or a mythical statement that determines personality enough to end the chain of reincarnation? The profound value does not lie in myth or history, but it is determined to be expressed through the holy life of a lifetime like the only bright star when the night recedes! If it is a myth, it still has a value of wisdom, if it is a political history, there is still an immutable truth on the path to liberation.

Is it true that according to history, the 3,000-year Worry-free flower blooms only once when a Saint appears? Worry-free or Udumbara flower is just a symbol of purity, commensurate with the nature of a Saint. It is important that a Saint who appeared in the world has lifted the veil of ignorance and guided the path leading to liberation from the eternal cycle of birth and death. In the summer of the past year near the Himalayas, there appeared a great man who, for thousands of years, Shakyamuni Buddha is still the only historical Buddha revered by the world, confirming his path and direction. guiding humanity is always the truth that spreads compassion.


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