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The house mouse lives comfortably in the villa and often enjoys delicious dishes, while the field mouse only eats green vegetables and rice in the field, but the hamster feels that his life is extremely happy. happiness.

The Hundred Example Sutra: The poor want to have as much money as the rich

One day, a house mouse living in the city came to visit his hamster friend. At lunch, the hamster has to struggle to prepare a hearty meal to treat you. The house mouse looked at the table and saw only vegetables, corn cobs and a glass of water, the city mouse frowned and said nothing. The two mice talked together, the house mouse always talked about the comfortable life in his city, that night, the field mouse dreamed that he lived happily in the urban prosperity as told by the house mouse.

The next morning, at the invitation of the house mouse, the hamster prepared his luggage and went to the city with the mouse to play. After a long journey, the field mouse finally reached the mansion where the house mouse was. On the dining table, filled with the remains of a hearty party, including cakes, sweets, jams, and cheese. These are all foods that hamsters have never eaten. Just when the mouse was about to rush in to eat, it suddenly heard a cat meowing somewhere, startled, it dropped a piece of cake and hurriedly ran away with the house mouse. When the cat left, the two mice thought it was finally time for them to eat a full meal. But when he had just taken a bite of food, the door suddenly opened, and the servant came in to clean the table, followed by a big dog grinning fiercely, and two mice were wandering around. escape quickly.

The field mouse and the house mouse ran for their lives. The two mice looked at each other, then the hamster said goodbye to the house mouse and went home, saying:

“You may have delicious food that I don’t have, but I like the peaceful life in the countryside, even though I only eat vegetables and rice every day. Take care of yourself, my friend!”


Living knowing enough is often happy, human life is always happy

When we were born, we all had nothing in our hands, our souls were as peaceful as the clear blue sky. After going through the hard years of life, each of us has accumulated a lot of experience and career honors. But very few of us know that our souls at that time have gradually lost their carefreeness, we have gradually become more contemplative, more worried.

Going through the difficult years, very few people realize that they have gradually exhausted their emotions, the pure soul of childhood is now heavy with worries and sorrows.

We have turned into cynics because society is full of petty, deceitful people. We have turned into an angry person, because we don’t have enough time to be patient. We have turned into a person who is always fake, because we do not want others to see our bad points. Suddenly looking back, we find that we are very similar to the other house mouse, although our material life is full, we always feel stressed and tired.

Why work forever but not rich?

I hope that one day, we can lay our arms wide open on the green meadow, gaze up at the sky, and enjoy the scent of flowers and grass. Let all your troubles be carried away by the wind, like a field mouse that, although poor, has a happy life.

I hope that one day, on the bustling road, we can calmly stand back and watch a new shoot sprout, or breathe in the scent of flowers blooming at night. We hope that we will create our own quiet space. Whether we are a rich person, or just a poor farmer, the sky is always ours.

The music of the blue sea, the songs of the waves forever belong to each of us. When our soul has sky and sea, it is always blue and peaceful, then we will be the richest person in this world.

Nhu Thi (According to Forhuaren)


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