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Today, on the astral day of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, July 29, I would like to offer the public one more inspirational story when reciting the Ksitigarbha Sutra, which I myself never dared to think of. can do.

I usually Chanting the Earth Store Sutra in the free time of the day. In the early years when I first started chanting, one evening, like every day, I was concentrating on the sutras when I was startled when I heard a very loud ‘jingle’. If you listen closely, it’s clear that the chains are shaking.

Because I know that my cultivation power is still weak, I always tell myself to be aware of the worlds happening around me. I ignored it, still focused on the unfinished sutta. But the ‘jingling’ sound continued to ring in the ears, this time it sounded like nails scratching the ground.

At this time, I felt very angry at myself because I could not concentrate on maintaining the sutras, and I was distracted listening to rambling, making myself restless. To calm my mind, I immediately closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and after a while, I heard a very loud voice: “Save me, save me…” I looked around curiously, terrified. I saw two people that people often call “buffalo head, horse face” very tall. Really they are so big, there are really different people in the universe compared to us. They were all dressed in armor as hard as iron, their skin was rough but sturdy, their feet were wearing leather shoes, their generals were slightly stooped because they were half-human and half-animal, each of them was holding a chain. long to the ground. It turned out that the jingle was coming from here.


The two were dragging a woman’s legs, she was too small for two good prisons, her whole body probably only reached their knees. The woman wearing a white shirt, bleeding profusely, her hair drenched with sweat, because “buffalo’s head and horse’s face” pulled her legs to lie on her stomach, she tried her best to press 10 fingers to the ground, make a horrible sound. In fact, she didn’t understand that she was being sent to hell, but was just too scared of the two giants, with human bodies but animal faces.

Seeming to know that I was looking in that direction, she screamed even louder: “Save me, save me… please save me…” Being a novice lay monk, I just stared at him with wide eyes. without knowing what to do. I’m afraid, really afraid that one day I will be dragged like her, what to do, what should I do?

While bewildered, the other two suddenly turned their heads. Oh Buddha! I just want to faint so I don’t see this. The two of them bared their teeth, looked like they lost their limbs, to be honest at that time, they were so scared, so I think that if I was bitten, my body would be cut in half. Because I didn’t know what to do, I just sat there like heaven, watching her being dragged further and further away… At that time, she suddenly shouted loudly: “Reciting Buddha’s name, please recite Buddha’s name for me.” Like inertia, I quickly recited the Buddha’s name: “Namo Amitabha Buddha, Namo Dai Vow Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva…” I chanted continuously, legs still folded neatly. Hands clasped in front of chest. At this moment, my whole body and soul just want to save her.

Please recite the Buddha’s name often, whenever and wherever you are in order to cultivate the habit of going into your subconscious, because if you don’t recite the Buddha’s name often in advance, you can’t recite the Buddha’s name in these critical times. where. I recited a few sentences, a very strange thing happened, the two ‘buffalo heads and horses’ suddenly stopped. They seem to be surprised, why in the midst of this dire situation this girl still knew how to ask me to recite Buddha’s name.

I heard a thud, they dropped her legs and stopped pulling. Suddenly, everything fell back into the void. I was still sitting there, but it was absolutely still. As if out of a trance, I hurriedly continued the unfinished sutta. This time, in addition to repenting with the wrongdoers, I also made a dedication and told myself that I had to do some good work so that she could escape from hell. Normally, it only takes me about half an hour each time to recite the sutras (one third of the Jizhong Sutra). But on that particular day, from the time of opening the sutra, seeing that incident and then continuing to chant the sutra, it took 3 hours. Probably, the process of observing what I just said must have been about 2 hours.

Normally, I am also very lazy. But after seeing that scene, he recited diligently every day. In fact, I want to save the other girl quickly rather than repent for myself because I think that if I am not diligent, not sincere in saving her, she will forever fall into hell, the opportunity to return to the human body is very difficult.



That’s why I always take advantage of my free time during the day to recite the Ksitigarbha Sutra, one day reciting the entire book three times. Looking back, it’s a shame because at that time I was incompetent, not diligent at all. Day by day, I regularly dedicate merit to her. I secretly hope that even after hell, she will still be able to come back one day to atone for her sins. I never thought that I would be lucky enough to meet that girl again.

About half a year later, one night, after I finished chanting, I suddenly felt sleepy. Because I thought that when I went to work during the day, I would use it again at night, so my body was tired, I immediately went to bed. While daydreaming, I saw a woman wearing a blue and white full-body dress, who seemed to be smiling at me. Oh, that’s the same woman I saw the other day being dragged away by “buffalo head, horse face”, but now she looks very peaceful and not as scared as the day before.

I tried to raise my eyes and get up, but I couldn’t. The distance she stood was very close to me, and somehow when I looked at her, my heart swelled with love, an indescribable closeness. She looked at me with a gentle smile, her head slightly nodding as if to say thank you. Then the image gradually disappeared into the void. I’m not sure you can guess that the other girl has been released from hell, is that correct, dear friends? Me too, at that time I felt very happy, at least I was able to save one sentient being from hell. After thinking more, I understood one thing. If I didn’t practice diligently, I would be dragged along like this, no exception.

For the sake of respect and virtue Stratum bodhisattva My relationship with Him is very deep, so I have a good feeling about myself. I hope you all join me in trying to change my mind and body. Do good and avoid evil. Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva saves birth and death for us every day. Just a moment of thinking, thinking, and revering Him, even if it is difficult, the fire of hell burns our body, He will also help us to find enlightenment. Once again, I would like to recite “Namo Dai Vow Earth Store Bodhisattva”. I pray forever and ever to be Your disciple, never turning back.


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