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On the occasion of the Buddha’s birth, Buddhist calendar 2566 (Full moon of April, Year of the Tiger – 2022, I would like to introduce to you the article “Declaration of the Buddha’s coming into life” by Most Venerable Thich Giac Toan, Vice Chairman of the Council. Managing Director, Institute of Buddhist Studies Vietnam.

Buddha Shakyamuni brought into life the love of truth, he loved people, he loved life… with his heart of compassion.


From two thousand six hundred and forty-six (2,646) years ago

Buddha Shakyamuni entered the world

bring true love

He loves people,

love life…

with a compassionate heart,

with all the heart of Dai Tu

He showed people the way

realize the cause of birth and death suffering!

At the same time,

He also showed people how to find themselves

Which begins with the rare Birth Declaration:

“Heavenly in the world, the only one and only one

immeasurable samsara, undying happiness”.


Step by step

Step by step

With the heart of Bi Tri Dung

From Tu Suat heaven

He appeared in life

Life in the palace

Becoming Prince Siddhartha

Be the beloved son of the Shakyamuni family.

In the golden palace, the jade palace

With a beautiful wife and children

With honorable authority

With luxurious silk velvet

And from here,

He shows us,

for earthly people

Seeing, realizing what is the bondage of

the karma of Ai

– the cause of all the effects of suffering.

And also from here,

He shows us,

give people a feeling…

know how to return to themselves, know how to think, realize

what good and evil you create, know how to stop,

do not let body – speech – mind cause more sin, suffering.

And also from here,

From the throne of the Sakyamuni lineage

He pointed out for people a noble path.

Enlighten yourself

– frivolous illusions of the world.

Realize it yourself

– greed for hatred… in my body and mind

a relative of the demon king.

Realize it yourself

– the emotions of love, of fame are illusions of ignorance.

And from here,

In the middle of the palace – the middle of the night is confused… enlightened

– The heart to love people is high

– Aura of wisdom rises

– Courageous willpower rises high

He left the palace,

He gave up everything…

Riding Kien Trac horse, crossing the A No Ma river…

Nuong Thanh left to find the truth for life.


With the heart of Bi Tri Dung

With all my heart love people and life

– 6 years of searching for the truth

– 6 years of learning from gurus

– 6 years of asceticism in the jungle

– 6 years of integrating into nature


– 49 days of meditation under the Bodhi tree

He in turn attained, abiding in the fruition

Unsurpassed, Perfect Enlightenment, full of supernatural powers.

(Through his own witness, he later showed people the way and method to end suffering, practice leading to achievement, and abiding in Nirvana).


After 45 years of promoting birth

He ventured from village to village

From country to country

From the city to the countryside

From the bustling streets to the quiet and peaceful forests, deep mountains and cups…

From noble kings to bourgeois millionaires and poor people…

Regardless of gender, language…

He blesses all classes, all backgrounds…

meet enough predestined conditions to return to the Giac root.

He founded the Sangha

Gathering thousands of Saints, Sanghas, and witnessing the results of Thanh Van A-la-Han,

Which in the handed down scriptures are often named as the Elders:

Ma Ha Ca Diep, Ma Ha Ca Chien Dien, Da Xa, Chau Loi Ban Da, Shariputra, Muc Kien Lien, Tu Bo, U Ba Ly, Nanda, Rahula, etc.

At the same time, after a while, due to the earnest request of Venerable Ananda, the Nun Congregation was also formed under the guidance of Di Mother Ma Ha Ba Xa Ba De, in which Princess Gia Du Da la and many others. The holy nun, following the Buddha’s example, was determined to devote herself to spreading…

In the ranks of the Saints laypeople there are:

Lonely Elder, Crown Prince Ky Da and female devotee Visakha (Bhikkhu) and many other deeply devoted followers of the Buddha Dharma.

Royal goods have:

Binh Sa Vuong, Ba Tu Nac, A Xa The … and many empresses, princesses … sincere, respectful … towards the Three Jewels, faith and study.


After 45 years of promoting birth

Five Lord Buddha 80 years old

Dao professional member

He entered Nirvana under the Sala tree… into Kothina.

– He resides in the Dharmakaya

– Let go of the illusory body

– Integrating No residual medicine Nirvana immeasurable life…!

Up to now, the Dharma has completed two thousand five hundred and sixty-six years (2,566).

Despite going through many ups and downs

Countless changes of time

But the Buddha’s teachings are still sowing new seeds day by day.

The golden light of the Sangha is always alive

Radiating fresh aura throughout the five continents.

Spreading farther and farther away…

Across the country, across the country…

– Regardless of race or color

– Regardless of language and customs

All meet

In the magic light

All meet

In the teaching of compassion

Help people uncover the source of truth

Help people break the karma of ignorance

Help people to enlighten spiritually

Consciously return to the true nature of the Dharmakaya

Mind is Buddha, Buddha is Mysterious Mind

The path and fruition of Bodhi is profound.

“Heavenly in the world, the only one and only one

Immeasurable life and death… U-metal is happy!”.

The recluse Giac Toan


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