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“Promoting Bodhi Mind Lectures” is a book containing a lot of wisdom and enthusiasm of Venerable Thich Tam Hoa – Abbot of Hoa Phuc Pagoda (Quoc Oai, Hanoi) which has just been released on the occasion of the Great Buddha’s Birthday. .2566.

Based on the original “Promoting Bodhi Mind Literature” by Master That Hien, with Buddhist knowledge and experience from many years of practice, Venerable Thich Tam Hoa has provided practical explanations to Social life. Transmit methods of identifying and transforming body and mind, encouraging everyone, especially those who have been, are and will be studying Buddhism, to generate a vast Bodhi mind, make a firm vow, and apply it deeply. into life to be able to build a Pure Land in the human world, to benefit and be happy for themselves and others.

The work “Promoting the Bodhi Mind Lecture”

The book is published by Thanh Nien Publishing House, including 4 volumes:

Book 1: “Choosing the wrong object – A life of suffering” briefly introduces Master That Hien and the original “Promoting the Bodhi Mind Literature” and clarifies the concepts of “mind”, “the form of mind”, thereby giving a method to identify, transform, renew thinking, and open the Bodhi mind in self-nature.

Book 2: “Meaningful Life – Full of Grace” talks about the spirit of “Remembering gratitude – Repaying favors” – one of the sacred virtues and also the greatest vow of the Buddha’s children. In particular, the five great graces that monastics need to remember are: grace of the Buddha, grace of the Chief Teacher, grace of Mother and Father, grace of donors, grace of sentient beings; Using that as ideal nourishment, other wholesome seeds take root and grow to create a fulfilling life.


Book 3: “Where darkness and light begin” through the analysis of the meaning of Buddhist fairy tales to help identify the origin of suffering and the causes that lead sentient beings to fall into the cycle of samsara – rebirth is the why? How important is the practice of repentance and ethical practices from the Buddhist point of view?

Book 4: “A realm of return – A vast heaven and earth” writes about the method of approaching and building the Pure Land environment in reality, renewing the way of flexible application of the Buddha’s teachings to bring Buddhism to life. In this book, the Venerable also emphasizes that practitioners need to diligently practice the Precepts of Concentration, make strong vows, maintain and grow the Bodhi mind… to prepare themselves on the path to study and follow the Patriarchs. He keeps the Buddha Dharma house alive for a long time.

Sharing about the book series, Most Venerable Thich Dong Thanh (Doctor of Buddhism) said: “Like a blooming lotus, rising up in the garden of Fa-rectification; Like the pure fragrance spreading from the wish to spread the magic and serve humanity, the work “Promoting the Bodhi Mind Lecture” will bring readers deep spiritual dimensions and peaceful energy. high sound, dispelling all sufferings and sorrows, readers can live in peace and happiness”.

Hopefully, this book series will soon reach readers in boundless joy.


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