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People who have patience always have an undefeated position in the social competition.

What are Rings?

Those who truly practice have a special interpretation of this word, saying that “forbearance” means “forbearance”.

We often say that patiently bears the burden, is not patient, cannot bear the burden, has no patience, cannot do great things.

Why be patient? Because being patient will avoid a lot of pointless trouble and hurt. When we are not strong enough, we have to learn to be patient, small things that do not hold back will affect the big picture. When we are strong, we must also learn to be patient.

People who have patience always have an undefeated position in the social competition.

A Western scholar once said:

“Patience and perseverance are painful, but eventually they will benefit you.”

A person who wants to be successful must learn to be patient. For some people, patience is often seen as weak, easily bullied. But in fact, patience is a way of forging oneself, a result drawn after going through turbulent challenges, helping people to forge their will to be calmer when handling things, facing challenges. arduous is still calm and relaxed, being criticized or praised is not self-deprecating, not arrogant.

Honestly practice with patience

Honestly practice with patience

When being bullied, our first reaction is always to hit back, people hit you once, it’s best to give them two back. Therefore, we often see people who are so angry because of a little thing that their faces are red, they beat their heads to the point of chipping their foreheads.

In fact, there are many people who have gone through the same thing as you, you could even say, everyone has had it. But why is it that only you think you are being bullied? That’s because you can’t “ring”. Some things with patience will pass.

Forbearance is not weak, easily bullied, quite the opposite, it is a natural reaction of people with strong spirit. People who have patience always have an undefeated position in the social competition.

A person who lacks patience is easily suppressed, and a person with great endurance is not afraid even in the storm, becoming the ultimate winner.

– Human life is always unbearable, so even a sentence or a small thing can lead to disputes, making everyone unhappy.

There was a young man with a short temper, often fighting with others, and everyone didn’t like him. One day, this young man accidentally walked to Dai Duc Pagoda, overheard a Zen master teaching the Dharma. After listening, he swore that he would change, he said to the Zen master: “In the future, I will not fight with people anymore, so that everyone does not want to see me. Even if others spit in my face, I will just patiently wipe it off and accept it calmly!”

The Zen master heard the young man say this, only smiled and said:

“Had to do that? Just let the saliva dry on its own, why wipe it off?”

When the young man heard this, he was very surprised and asked the Zen master:

“How can that be? Why suffer like this?”

Zen Master said:

“This is nothing to bear, you just treat it as a mosquito on your face, not worth fighting over it.”

The young man asked again:

“If the other party doesn’t spit, but gives a fist, what should I do?”

The monk replied:

“So is it. Don’t worry too much. It’s just a punch.”

The young man heard, suddenly raised his fist, hit the head of the Zen master, and asked: “Venerable, how do you feel now?”

The Zen master kindly said:

“My head is as hard as a rock, I can’t feel anything, but your hand must be sore, isn’t it?” The young man stood right there, not knowing what else to say. That is to say, patience is a kind of profound cultivation that requires a little effort.

Grandmaster Hoang Nhat once said: “In a prosperous place, meeting stupid people, meeting deadlocks, encountering complicated things, these are situations where people get angry easily. Being impatient is not only unprofitable, but it is also easy to make others resentful, you will fail your job, that is a stupid thing. Tolerating it is a very beneficial thing.”

There is a saying: “Wait for a while when the waves are calm and the wind is calm, take a step back when the sea is wide and the sky is high”.

There are things that make us choose silence as the default to end all problems.


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