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Buddha told the story of the past, he taught: Rohinì, that is the bad seed you have sown. Anger or jealousy, however much it is, is not a right thing.

This story is told when Buddha dwelling in the Banyan forest, related to Rohinì, the young Sariputta. Once upon a time, Venerable Ananda returned to Kapilavastu with five hundred monks. When the Thich royal family heard the news, they all came to the monastery to welcome them, except for the younger sister Rohinì. The venerable asked:

– Where’s Rohini?

– Venerable, still at home.

– Why don’t you come?

– Venerable Sir, the princess is full of boils, so she is ashamed to go out.

– Call Rohinì right away.

Rohinì was called, covered her face with a cloth and went. When she came, the venerable asked:

– Why didn’t you come first?

– Venerable Sir, I have acne on my face, so I am ashamed to go anywhere.

– Then why not do meritorious deeds?

– Venerable sir, what can I do?

– Let’s build a lecture hall.

– How much does it cost?

– Do you have any jewelry?

– Yes, I have.

– How much is it worth?

– About ten thousand.

– Very good, use it for construction.

– Who will build for you?

The venerable looked at the princes standing near and said:

– This is your duty.

Cultivate the path to absolutely avoid anger


– But, venerable sir, what will you do?

– I am here, you bring building materials to Rohinì.

– Yes sir.

And they brought materials, the Venerable gave a construction plan, told Rohinì:

– Let’s build a two-story building, and when the upper floor is finished, she stands downstairs to clean up, prepare food, and fill the water bottles.

– Yes sir.

Rohinì obeyed, she sold all her jewelry to get money to build. As soon as the upper floor was finished, she personally cleaned up to receive the bhikkhus, at which point the boils disappeared.

When the building was completed, she invited the monks led by the Buddha to fill the house. She offers selected food both hard and soft. Buddha finished his life, asked:

– Who made offerings today?

– Dear, Miss Rohinì, your sister, venerable sir.

– Call here.

She did not want to go out, but Buddha still called again. When Rohinì came, bowed down to the Buddha and sat down, the Buddha asked:

– Rohinì, why didn’t you come first?

“World-Honored One, I have boils all over my body, so I’m ashamed to go.



A beautiful heart will have a beautiful face

– Do you know what causes boils to spread all over the body?

– No.

– It is caused by anger.

– Why, what did you do?

– Listen here!

Buddha told a story: In the past, there was a queen of the kingdom of Benares who was jealous of a royal dancer, she thought to herself: “I will make her suffer”. She immediately found a lot of dried scabies, ground them into powder, and called the dancer to her, secretly had people sprinkle powdered scabies on her bed, chair and towel. Then, as a joke, she tossed some powder on her. Immediately the girl got boils all over her body, it sores looked very disgusting, she walked and poked all over her body. When she returned to bed, the scabies powder stuck to her skin, and she was in excruciating pain. That queen is today’s Rohinì.

When the Buddha finished telling the story of the past, he taught:

– Rohinì, that’s the bad seed you planted. Anger or jealousy?however little is not the right thing.

He said verse:

Let go of anger, divorce,

Overcoming all fetters,

Not attached to fame,

Suffering does not follow, into the yard.

After listening, many of the audience witnessed the preliminary results, the second results, the three results. Rohinì also testified to the results. At that moment her whole body turned golden.


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