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On the full moon day of the 4th lunar month, the book “Going through the second pilgrimage season” by Đ.Thich Tam Tue – abbot of Khanh Long Pagoda (Binh Luc, Ha Nam) was released in front of a large number of Buddhists, outlining the beauty of monks, bringing about meaningful and humane dialogues about the meditative and mundane realms.

Representative of the Copyright Office (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) awarded the book copyright certificate to Venerable Thich Tam Tue.

The collection of poems and prose “Walking through the season of travel” helps readers understand first of all monk is a person with very “human” thoughts and vibes, and it is the self-questioning, self-awareness, and inner self-purification towards peace and enlightenment that help people become more mature on the journey. become a monk.

Sharing about his work, Venerable Thich Tam Tue expressed: “Touching the boundary of the soul, the inner door will open. The emanation in the inner source is endless, but full of enthusiasm and the amount of energy is never limited… When you light your own intellectual torch, you will see the path you are building. . A calm mind, with the “seeing” coming from the inner world, will allow us to realize the value of human life, the ultimate truth and true happiness.”

Collection of prose - poetry Going through the second season of travel.

Collection of prose – poetry Going through the second season of travel.

The launch event attracted a large number of poets, writers, journalists, and many monks, nuns, and Buddhists to attend, and at the same time conducted courses to pray for the nation, the people, and the peaceful family. live happilyhappy.


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