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When it comes to “tu”, many people think that it is not for themselves but only for the square-headed people in the other temple. For them, cultivation is the work of truly holy people, not for mortals like us.

In their thinking, cultivation is to avoid life, find a quiet place, away from noisy social life without caring about the sufferings of others.

However, the word “tu” in the true sense of Buddhism has a very wide and open scope. Although since the founding of the religion, Buddha still advises disciples to find a secluded place to nurture and develop peace of mind, but not so to become a person who is detached from life. The Buddha was born for the happiness of everyone, so the path he practiced and advocated could not deviate from this mainstream. On that basis, even if someone is looking for a secluded place to practice, they will definitely have a way to share the results of their practice to help others live a peaceful and happy life in a practical way, not indifferent. selfish with life. Some others think that to practice is to have supernatural powers and the ability to perform differently from others. Just like that, the concept of “tu” seems foreign to ordinary people in this life. However, Most Venerable Nhat Hanh once said that “it doesn’t matter whether you walk on water or walk on air. True magic is walking on the ground.” This sentence is very close to what the Buddha said in the School of Sutras, No. 11: Kevaddha Sutra that he only considers teaching suffering people to be happy, bad into good, evil into sage, is really a miracle. In other words, making yourself and helping someone transform from bad to good to become a person with wholesome qualities is the greatest miracle not only Buddha and many others can do. yes. No need to shave, leave the family, go to the temple to wear a brown shirt, do not need the miraculous transformation, very ordinary life, any of us can still practice. The word “tu”, as the Buddha mentioned in his teachings, is as close to us as food, water, and air to breathe. Let’s put ourselves in the practice in an ordinary day.

The first thought every morning when you wake up is to remind yourself, how can you cultivate a good heart?

Wake up with good thoughts

The first thought every morning when you wake up is to remind yourself, how can you cultivate a good heart? If we just say to ourselves or we say to others, “we should be kind, we should be loving, we shouldn’t be this way, we should be that way”, which is actually an understatement, won’t have any effect. What is the use of cultivating one’s good mind? We need to know how to practice, transform the mind in a practical way, not theoretically with beautiful words in a formal way.

People can’t become more peaceful, this world can’t get better if we just sit there thinking, imagining, talking without acting to actualize our goodwill. We need to really want to develop a wholesome mind through the levels of words and actions. A good thought is the first thing in the morning, before thinking about what I have to eat this morning, who will I have the first call of the day, what is the job that needs to be done as soon as I get to the office…

The first thought that day was the nourishment for words and deeds that said, “Today, as far as I can, I won’t hurt anyone. I will make an effort to do something that benefits others. Today, if given the opportunity, I will do everything in my power to bring happiness and lasting happiness to all sentient beings.”

Starting a new day with such a positive motivation from a calm and pliable mind is wonderful. If there is a clear, decisive decision so early in the morning, the full energy of the beginning of the day is enough to nourish this idea throughout the day. After generating such a mind, we gently get out of bed, step on the ground step by step serenely with a calm mind. After personal hygiene, we begin to practice meditation. Sitting meditation at this time has the highest results, the mind is easiest to calm down after the body has rested for a long night and is in the most alert state.

If you do it right, then happiness will come

Practice meditation at home

Like physical exercises to train the body, practicing regularly every day will have results. Meditation – how to train body and mind – must be the same. Meditation needs to be practiced regularly every day as an integral part of life to have good results. In fact, only those who practice meditation seriously will feel the benefits of this particular method of mind-body training, from which we cherish a certain amount of time during the day.

For those who do not practice, but speculate, imagine, visualize, they are never willing to incorporate this activity into their daily routine because these people have never known the benefits of meditation.

“Meditation? I don’t have time to sit still and gasp. I also have to run the market to make food for this family” is the way they are used to thinking, speaking and doing.

In fact, they have time to watch TV, chat with friends for hours, and often spend time walking around shopping malls, supermarkets and entertainment areas. At home, I don’t know how many times they go down to the refrigerator to get snacks, sometimes one, sometimes another, but when it comes to practicing meditation, they don’t have the time.

24 hours a day can be spent on many other things, but there is absolutely no time for meditation. Only when one understands the wonderful results of meditation can one give it its rightful place. Once meditation becomes a priority activity in life, we will know how to allocate time and now, without excuses, we will definitely have time for meditation. We know that feeding the body three main meals and many snacks a day, should also think about feeding the mind with meditation sessions. Realizing this, we immediately have time from cutting down on time watching TV, shopping, meeting friends and playing games to meditating. When we know how to care, take care of the mind and give a worthy respect to the spiritual life, it means that we know how to respect ourselves as a being who knows how to be good.

When you realize the need for meditation, that’s when you can start. The first thought of the day is to spread loving-kindness to all sentient beings and wish that many people gain peace and benefit from the practice of meditation, and then officially practice breathing meditation. Sitting quietly, feeling the breath in and out, aware of the breath permeating throughout the body and nourishing every cell, you will feel refreshed and peaceful. Simply focus on the breath, stay in the present moment, naturally, the wandering thoughts gradually subside, you can only feel the breath. Anyone can arrange and wake up early to meditate, even those with small children, if we put in the effort and persistence.

We can get up earlier and practice meditation while the children are still sleeping soundly. At that time, the space was quieter, it was easier for us to stay in the mind. Practicing meditation is not difficult, the difficult thing is how to maintain attention in each sitting meditation and how to maintain this practice to become routine as an integral part of your daily life. However, anyone who begins to practice meditation must also go through a difficult period when the mind keeps wandering but refuses to stay in one place, sometimes nodding sleepy trying to open his eyes. You are not an exception if you encounter these situations. No worries, just be patient, everything takes time to settle down and so does meditation.

With good guidance, parents can help their children learn how to meditate to sit with their parents. When they realize that their parents need a quiet space when meditating, the children know how to respect their parents’ quiet space without making any noise. They become more delicate, more respectful of others with this natural absorption. This is an extremely effective way of education that even parents do not think about.

Conversely, if parents keep messing around with friends, talking on the phone with useless content, discussing bullshit, or spending hours sitting in front of the TV, their children will do the same. Learning by imitation is the fastest way to learn. How do we want our children to learn? If you really care about your children, first of all, take care of yourself to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle to bring practical and long-term benefits to yourself.

Working from home while working

We should approach Buddhism as a normal news channel.

We should approach Buddhism as a normal news channel.

The most correct practice path according to my understanding

No matter what job you do in society, you have a certain amount of housework that needs to be done. Housework is a nameless job, keep doing it all the time, time is up, but the job is still there. Because of that, a common mentality is that we are easily frustrated and irritable because of fatigue and stress when we struggle with work and have no time to rest. We keep trying, then trying again, but the work efficiency is not high, the mentality is heavy every day. Things would be much different if we knew how to “cultivate” in this situation.

Life is ours, so we have the right to choose how we live. With housework, don’t be too busy, but divide the work appropriately in order of priority, plan what needs to be done in your head, what is important and urgent, we do it first. Having done this, we begin another in calmness and lightness.

One of the most natural ways to relax our minds and at the same time train our children to gradually get used to the religion is to do housework while playing music for the children to listen to to make their spirit more comfortable. at work. In their spare time, parents let children listen to religious songs and teach them to sing nursery rhymes with cheerful melodies and simple lyrics for children, which is a way for both parents to…


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