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Because we firmly grasp the cause and effect to practice, we do not make mistakes. Doing evil, harming people, harming animals and asking Buddha for blessings is impossible.

Build your life on the law of cause and effect

The law of cause and effect is the law that covers the whole universe, there is no place that does not exist from the past to the next thousand years, there is no change.

In the A-function Buddha, there is a story:

There were Brahmins who came to ask the Buddha:

– Dear Sir Gotama! After your disciples die, can you pray for them to be reborn in a good land?

Buddha did not answer but asked again:

– When your disciples die, can you pray for them to be reborn in a good land?

They replied:

– Okay.

Buddha immediately used an example: if there is a deep well, a person rolls a large stone to put it on the well, then invites several dozen Brahmins to come and ask: I have pushed this stone into the well, please pray for me. can’t it sink?

The Brahmins replied:

– Can not.

Buddha asked:

– Why?

The teachers replied:

Because the stone is heavy, it must sink to the bottom of the well, even if a thousand people pray, it will not be possible.

Buddha again used the example:

– As someone pours oil into a well and asks the monks to pray for the oil to sink to the bottom of the well, can you do it?

The Brahmins replied:

– Can not.

Buddha asked:

– Why?

The teachers replied:

Because the oil is light, it must float, no matter how many people pray for it to sink, it will not sink.

Buddha said:

– Likewise, if people do good and do good, even if you try to pray for them to go to hell, they will not fall. And people who do evil, create too much evil, no matter how much you pray, they cannot be born in a good realm.

This is Buddha’s teachings Cause and effect are clear, Buddhists who firmly grasp and practice without mistake will get the desired results. More deeply, what if a cultivator is liberated and takes care of his body to live a long and solid life? Is the fruit of cause and effect, how can you take the impermanent and want to give it to the permanent? It is not smart to nurture the concept of self-love again, far from the cause of liberation. Or, practicing Buddhism and thinking of seeking supernatural powers, hoping for initiation, is contrary to being as if, falling into consciousness, gaining and losing, also impermanent, not the path to right enlightenment.

Mind is the result of karma

In Chinese Zen history, there is a predestined relationship of Zen master Dao Ung. The monk stayed in Tam Phong, spent a week without going down the street to live life. Venerable Dong Son found it strange, met the monk and asked:

– Why didn’t you come to your birthday these days?

Master said:

– Every day, there are angels making offerings.

Dong Son says:

– I said you are the one who still has an understanding. If you have free time, come here!

Afternoon came. Dong Son calls:

– Am owner Ung!

Master replied:

– Yes.

Dong Son says:

– What is not thinking good, not thinking evil?

The monk returned to his home to sit quietly, the angels searched forever and could not find them. After three days like that, he stopped making offerings.

Normally, if you are worshiped by an angel, you will not get tired of worshiping. But in the Zen house, it is the mind that is seen, which is not yet accepted. What’s more, if you wish to be this or that, the more you will be reprimanded.

If you go deeper, you have to get to the point where you immediately fall into cause and effect! Because starting thoughts is dynamic, is birth, there must be a result of death, this is the subtle cause and effect of birth and death, people who practice really deeply understand it. Having realized this far, be diligently aware right in each thought, not to follow a single thought, even if it is very small. Physical Cause and Effect Coming here, can it be said that it is popular, that it is only taught to people who are new to the religion?


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