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The small meaningful stories through the meditation stories below will help you have a more positive outlook on life, open your heart to receive good things.

1. Forgive to ease your mind

A meditator asked: “Teacher, I suffer because of cruel parents, abandonment of my wife and children, betrayal of brothers, destruction by friends… How can I get rid of resentment and hatred?”

The master replied, “I sit down to calm my mind and forgive them all.”

A few days later, the disciple returned: “I have forgiven them, Master. Lighten up! Consider it done”.

Master replied, “It’s not over yet, I’ll go back to purify my mind, open my heart, and love them.”

The disciple scratched his head, “It’s too difficult to forgive, but if I have to love them again… well, I’ll do it”.

A week later, the disciple returned with a happy face, probably boasting to his master that he had done good to those who had treated him badly in the past.

Master nodded and said, “Good! Now I go back to purify my mind and be grateful to them. If it weren’t for them to play those roles, I wouldn’t have had such a chance for spiritual evolution.”

The next time the disciple returned, this time confident that he had finished his lesson. The disciple enthusiastically said that he was grateful to everyone because it was through them that he learned forgiveness!

Master smiled: “Then you should go back and calm your mind. They have played their roles, but do they have any mistakes that you forgive or don’t forgive?”.

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2. The wave of perception

Seeing a big wave next to it, the small wave showed annoyance:

– Frustrating. That wave is so big, why are you tiny? How strong they are, why are we so weak.

The big wave laughed and replied:

– It is because you do not realize your origin that you are so upset.

-I am not a wave so what is it?

– Waves are only temporary forms in your nature. Actually you are water. Once you realize your own nature as water, you will no longer be upset with this wave shell and will no longer be upset.

The small wave understood and smiled happily:

– Oh, now I understand. You and I are two but one.

Comment: People think that “self” is what we should happen to distinguish between us and those who are sad. In fact, human beings are composed of the same nature in the vast nature.


3. Hell Hell

A general came to see Zen master Ekaku and asked:

– Master, is heaven or hell real or not?

– So who are you?

– I’m a general.

Suddenly, the Zen master laughed loudly:

– Aha! What idiot made him general, he looks like a butcher.

The general got angry and drew his sword:

– I chop your body!!!

The master remained calm:

– This is the opening of hell.

Suddenly enlightened, the general fell down and prostrated:

– Please… please forgive me for my rude behavior just now.

– This is opening the door to heaven

Zen Master Ekaku smiled.

Comment: Heaven, hell is not where people go after death, it’s here and now! Good and evil are all due to thought. The gates of heaven and hell open at any moment.

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4. Heaven and hell are created by the mind

There is an old woman nicknamed “the old woman who cries”. When it rains, I cry, when it doesn’t rain, I cry. Someone asked her:

– Old lady, why are you crying?

– I have two daughters, the older sister sells canvas shoes and the younger sister sells umbrellas. When it was sunny, he thought of his children selling even though they couldn’t. When it rains, the old man takes care of her children, no one wants to buy shoes when it rains.

– You should think that when the weather is nice, the older kids will sell, and when it rains, the younger kids sell umbrellas very well.

– Oh, you have a point.

Since then, the “old woman who cries” stopped crying. The old woman smiles all day long, rain or shine.

Comment: An advantage or disadvantage will depend on your view, your way of thinking.

5. Live in the present

Buddha asked his disciples:

– How much life do people get?

The disciples took turns answering:

– 80 years.

– Wrong.

– 70 years.

– Still wrong.

– 60 years.

– Wrong.

– So how long do people live?

Buddha smiled and replied – Human life is only within the breath.

Comment: Don’t rely on the past and the future, live in the present.

6. Buddha at home

Yangpu returned to Sichuan province to seek the bodhisattva. On the way, Yangpu met a monk. The monk asked:

– Where are you going?

– I go to Bodhisattva.

– Bodhisattvas are far away, is it better to go to the Buddha?

– Where to find Buddha now?

– When you come home, see the person welcoming you wearing a blanket, with your left shoe on, that is Buddha.

According to him, when he got home, it was already late at night. His mother heard her son knock on the door and was so happy that she quickly put on a blanket and put on her left slipper. She rushed to open the door and when Yangpu saw her mother like that, she stood dumbfounded.

Comment: People seek the truth, but it is necessary to practice it in the heart, otherwise it is difficult to find.

7. Finger pointing to the moon

Master Wu Jincang asked Sixth Patriarch Hui Neng:
– I have read the Mahaparinirvana Sutra for many years and still do not understand. Please enlighten me sir.

The Sixth Patriarch Hui Neng took the sutra and gave it to the nun, saying:

– I can’t read words, please read, I will help you understand.

– The group can’t read the words, how can you understand the meaning?

– Jincang was very surprised.

The Sixth Patriarch Hui Neng asked for a reply:

Truth is not based on words. It is like the moon shining in the sky. In this case, the word is like the index finger. The finger points to the moon, but it’s not the moon. Do you need a finger to see the moon?

Comment: Language and writing are symbols of truth. Do not mistake words for truth as you mistake your finger for the moon.

The Zen master replied, “Is that so!”

8. Destiny is in your hands

In the past, there was a general who decided to attack the enemy even though the enemy army was many times stronger. On his way to the army, he stopped at a temple to pray, asking for help. Then he pulled out a coin and shouted to the soldiers:
– Now, I will take the coin to ask for glue. If it’s tails, our piece will win, if it’s heads, our piece will lose.

We surrender our lives to fate. The coin flew up, spun a few times and fell to the ground.

– It’s down! We will win! Hurry to crush the enemy !

– The trio cheered excitedly.

After the battle, all the powerful enemy troops were completely defeated. The deputy general happily said to the general:

– No one can change the hand of fate.

The general just smiled and did not respond. He stretched out his hand and held out the coin. Both sides of the coin are tails.

Comments: Heaven is very fair to everyone, not partial to anyone. The only help you have is yourself !!!.

9. Someone

Kitagaki, the governor of Kyoto, visited Tofuku Shrine to visit Keichu, the temple’s chief monk.

Keichu’s disciples entered the newspaper:

– Kitagaki, the governor of Kyoto wants to see you.

– I don’t know any governor.

– Master replied.

The disciple ran out and said to Kitagaki:

– My teacher asked him to step back because he did not know any governor.

Kitagaki understood:

– If so, tell the teacher that you have Kitagaki wanting to see you.

– Let me try again.

This time, the head monk came to meet him in person:

– Oh, that’s Kitagaki. Pleasecome in.

Comment: Fame, status, success and wealth tend to increase one’s ego. So one gets lost, just like a lost person can’t get home.

10. The faster the slower

A young man went up the mountain to look for a famous swordsman to learn swordsmanship. He asked the master:

“Teacher, if I practice diligently, how long will it take to become a swordsman?”

– Maybe 10 years.

– My father is old and I have to take care of him. If I practice more diligently, how long will it take?

Silently thinking for a while, the master replied:

– This case is probably 30 years.

The young man could not hide his impatience:

– Before you said 10 years, now 30 years. I will overcome all obstacles to master swordsmanship in the shortest time.

“Then you need to stay here for 70 years.” The master smiled.

Comment: People who are too impatient to get results rarely succeed.


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