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In this life, when you gain one thing, you will lose another, and when you lose one thing, you will gain another. Each benefit is always accompanied by a corresponding harm and conversely each harm is always accompanied by a corresponding benefit. It is the law of compensation or the law of trade-off.

Happiness is peace in the inner world

Less suffering compared to yesterday is happy. Less happiness than yesterday is suffering.

Happiness and suffering are only relative concepts.

In happiness already contains the seeds of disaster. There are always seeds of happiness in the picture. The greater the blessing, the greater the disaster, and vice versa, the greater the disaster, the greater the blessing.

In the gain there is a loss. In loss there is gain. That is the duality of blessing, gain and loss.

Happiness is only in our mind. If you think you’re happy, you’ll feel happy, think hurt will feel pain. Happiness is knowing enough, knowing how to be satisfied with what you have. Or rather, happiness is knowing what you really need and discovering what you need, which is always available.

Know that in life, when one door closes, another opens. We often complain about the difficulties we have. In the mind, therefore, there are always worries and insecurities. But human life is a long journey, there is not only joy and happiness but always mixed with difficulties and sorrows.

Suffering and happiness

Meeting and parting..

Amidst ups and downs, honor and humiliation

Don’t worry, it will pass…

Master Tanh Tue


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