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When the Buddha was preaching at Ky Vien monastery, there were two bhikkhus who had not been studying Buddhism for a long time, so they came from the country of La Duyen Ky to come to meet the Buddha and listen to the Dharma.

The road was too far, and when the weather was dry, the two were short of water, so they were so thirsty that they were about to die. Suddenly I encountered a deep hole, there was some water underneath, but there were many tiny insects in the water, according to the precepts, it was impossible to drink that water.

One said, “We should drink this water, because that way we can save our body, and then we can go to the Buddha and listen to the Dharma.”

The other said, “The precepts established by the Buddha, if you don’t keep them, what’s the point of going to see the Buddha?” Just die of thirst. This spiritual consciousness was immediately reborn in the Dao-Loi heaven. This monk knew the predestined conditions before he was born in the heavens, and immediately brought incense and flowers to the Ky Vien monastery to make offerings to the Buddha.

The other bhikkhu drank the water that contained insects, so he did not die of thirst. The next day he came to Ky Vien, cried and reported his suffering to the Buddha, and mentioned his companion who had died of thirst.

The Buddha said: “I already know.” Immediately, he pointed to the god who had just come to make offerings and said: “This is the friend who went with you the other day, who has already come here. He came here only to see my outer appearance, but he did not keep the precepts established by me, so although he said he could come to see me, I really did not meet him. Those who are thousands of miles away from me, but if they practice according to the scriptures and observe the precepts, that person will always be in front of me.”

It is difficult to be born in heaven, and it is even more difficult to be a heavenly master

The heavens are the six heavens of the world of desire, sentient beings in this realm are dignified in appearance, enjoy natural blessings and happiness, and dress and use life according to their conception.


Buddha taught the Bhikkhu-stilts that the empty jars, jars… should be turned upside down or covered, should not be left upside down. Why? Because when left upside down but not covered, of course it will contain rainwater, thereby giving birth to insects. When someone comes to use it, pouring out the water is killing the insects.

During the summer and autumn, rainwater collects in puddles on the ground. After a day or two, insects will arise in the water. But those insects, most of them have to die when the water runs out. Therefore, it is advisable to clear the drains so that around the house there is no standing water in a puddle. Do not use standing water in the sewers to water plants or flowers, because the dry water also kills many insects in it. New rainwater is collected into jars, jars … should use clean coal inside to avoid parasites. Do not throw fish bones, meat, leftovers with a fishy smell … indiscriminately on the ground, because that means enticing the ants to come, they will be trampled and killed. All kinds of alkaline water, salt water, boiling water, quicklime water, etc. must not be spilled on the ground to kill insects. The above are all to avoid accidentally killing insects.

A meal, a sip of water are all predetermined by cause and effect

Quote from An Si Full Letter – Advise People to Believe in Cause and Effect

Author: Zhou An Si

Vietnamese translation and annotation: Nguyen Minh Tien


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