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Once upon a time during the Luong Dynasty in China, there was Zen Master Chi Cong who was a highly venerable monk. No history books record who the Zen master’s parents were.

People often tell each other that: One day, a woman heard the cry of a baby on a tall tree. She climbed up, saw a baby lying in a falcon’s nest, and brought the baby home to raise. Although this baby’s body is completely human, but the fingernails and toenails are like the nails of an eagle. When he is an adult, he leaves home to practice the Way and attains the five eyes of the six clairvoyants. Not knowing who His parents were, only knowing that He was born in a falcon’s nest, everyone guessed that He was born from an eagle’s egg.


Enlightenment of reincarnation

At that time, King Luong Vu De, like everyone else, respected and trusted Zen masters. No matter what events they encounter in life, such as the birth of a child, the death of a parent, a wedding, etc., they always invite Zen masters to come and chant mantras.

One day, a wealthy family invited the Zen master to chant mantras on the occasion of their daughter’s wedding, and at the same time asked the Zen master to give him some congratulations to hope that in the future, the marriage would be successful. good as will. Zen Master Chi Cong came to that house, and when he saw the bride and groom, he immediately said:

“So quaint, so quaint! I married my grandmother.”

“How quaint” means that there has never been such a thing before. This is not something that often happens. It is strange to see a grandchild marry his grandmother. In this world, if you do not communicate the predestined In the past, it was impossible to explain the relationships between father and son, mother and child, husband and wife, brothers, friends, etc. Why? Because everyone can be the husband or wife of each other in a previous life. A person can be the father or the child of the other for many previous lives. Or a person who was both mother and daughter of each other in a previous life. Your grandfather in the previous life married your granddaughter in this life. Or your previous grandmother is reborn as your daughter. All things are possible, and subject to unpredictable change.

In this house, the story “I married my grandmother” is because in the past, when her grandmother was about to die, she said to the whole family: “My son has just married and has an heir. My daughter is also married, I don’t care anymore.” She was completely content and had put all her worries aside, except for one thing: as for her grandson, “what is the future? Who will take care of it? Will his wife be brave or not? I can’t help but take care of it!”

She took her grandson’s hand and died. It is said that if everything is satisfactory, at the moment of death, the dead person will be in a good mood, then the dead person will close his or her eyes. If not, the dead cannot close their eyes. The old woman said: “I am very worried about you, I can’t close my eyes when I die.” After saying that, she left with her eyes still open. Her consciousness was still anxious. When she went to meet the King of Hell, she lamented, saying:

– I have a grandchild, no one takes care of him.

King of Hell replied:

– Okay, go back to earth to take care of it.

Having said that, she was reincarnated back into the mundane world. When she reached the age of marriage, she married her former grandson. That’s why you should say “I’m marrying my grandmother”. Do you think it’s really weird?

Just because of a single thought of attachment that can’t let go, so much has been created predestined karma binding later. She was only concerned about her grandchild, but later had to be his wife. Come to think of it, isn’t this a weird story?

You will ask: “How did Zen Master Chi Cong know that?” The Zen master knew because he had attained the five eyes and six faculties. So, just by looking at it, he immediately knew that the bride’s previous life was the groom’s grandmother. Just because the grandmother had developed a wrong attachment, she must now be reincarnated as a human, and be the wife of her grandson. A good thought is like that, let alone a bad one, or if it coincides with an evil thought, reincarnation in the Three Paths of the Six Paths knows when to end, when to look forward to getting out.

The Zen master looked again at the wedding guests, there was a little girl eating meat, and he said, “Daughters eat mother’s flesh.”

Since the piece of meat the baby was eating was goat meat, this goat was originally the mother of the reincarnated baby. In her previous life, she had created so much evil that she had to fall as a goat. Now being eaten by my own children. The cycle of resentful karma that arose due to the ignorance of sentient beings cannot be described in words. The bodhisattvas have compassion and the intention to save sentient beings is due to this point.

When the Zen master looked at the musicians, he saw someone beating a drum. “The son is hitting his father,” he said.

Because the drum is covered with donkey skin. This donkey is the reincarnated musician’s father. This donkey was slaughtered and the skin was used as a drum. It is painful for reincarnation.

He looked around at the wedding, and continued: “The pig and the goat sat on it.”

He saw that there were countless species of pigs, sheep, goats, and chickens reincarnated as humans, now they are all relatives, so they also attended this wedding.

Looking in the kitchen, he said: “Six bodies are cooked in a pot”.

It is parents, brothers, relatives, and friends who killed pigs and chickens too much in their previous lives to eat, and now fall back to being pigs, goats, and chickens; and then slaughtered, put in the fryer and cooked again.

“Everyone was happy to congratulate each other,” he continued.

Everyone who attended the wedding was very happy and congratulated each other. He lamented to himself, saying:

“Seeing that scene but heartbroken, we know that it is the resentment that revolves around borrowing, creating piling up suffering.”

Zen master Chi Cong knows cause and effect when looking at this family. How can we understand the chain of cause and effect of each family with different coincidences? Therefore, those who cultivate the Way must be very careful while cultivating, because when the conditions are ripe, they will reap the results corresponding to the causes sown. Why do people become human again? It is to pay debts, to pay karmic debts in the world. If you don’t try to pay the debt, the debt will continue, like a loan from a bank.

I remember this story again. There was a family who kept a donkey and used it to pull the mill and carry it. The owner found the donkey too slow, so he often beat it with a whip to urge it. The donkey worked hard until it died. It was reincarnated as a human. When the owner beat the donkey to death, he was reincarnated as a woman. When both of these people reached the marriageable age, they got married.

Do you know how this couple lived together? All day long the husband beat the wife. He beat his wife at any time, no matter what he was holding in his hand, even while eating, he also beat his wife with chopsticks. He beat and cursed at the same time, even though the wife had done nothing wrong.

One day Zen Master Chi Cong passed by their house. The woman then said to him:

– My husband beats and curses me so much every day that I don’t know why. Sir, please use the five eyes and six communication channels to tell me what the cause-and-effect relationship was in our previous life, but in this life, my husband beats and scolds me all the time?

Zen Master Chi Cong replied:

– I will clearly explain the cause-and-effect relationship between the two. In her previous life, she was a man. Every day she beat and cursed the donkey, urging it to pull the flour mill.

The master used to beat the donkey with a bamboo broom. Now the boss is reincarnated as a woman, that’s her. The donkey is reincarnated as a husband. Now he often beat and scolded her just like in the past life she used to beat him, that is, the donkey. Now that you understand the relationship between cause and effect, I will show you a way to end this cycle of resentment. Please hide all the tools in the house except the ponytail (wire broom). When the husband sees that there is nothing left to use to hit her, he will use this wire broom to hit her. Just let him beat a few hundred lashes, her old debt will be paid. At that time, she informed him that the previous life’s effects and the next life’s consequences were very clear, as I just explained to her. He won’t hit her again.

The woman did exactly as Zen Master Chi Cong instructed. When the husband came home, he immediately looked for something to beat his wife. Seeing only the ponytail broom, he took it and beat it. As usual, she tried to run away. But this time she patiently sat there taking the beating until her husband stopped.

Strange, he asked why she didn’t run away. She recounted how Zen Master Chi Cong explained in detail the cause-and-effect relationship between the two. After hearing this, the husband thought: “Then from now on, we shouldn’t hit and curse her anymore. If she continues to fight, she will reincarnate in her next life and find me to beat her.” Since then the husband no longer scolds his wife.

Samsara will be endless for those who are not well versed in the Dharma

So you must know that everyone has a relationship with each other corresponding to the created cause. You never know in your previous life who was your mother, brother, father or sister. The cause created in the previous life will create the result of this life and is definitely related to one’s relatives. If you understand the principle of cause and effect, then you can transform and transform by giving up evil deeds.

There is one more story about Zen Master Chi Cong. One day He ate two pigeons. He loves this dish. The cook thought that pigeon meat must be very good, so one day he decided to taste it. He did this with two thoughts: on the one hand, he wanted to try to see if the food he made today was delicious; On the other hand, he thinks that Mr. Chi Cong likes to eat pigeons every day, this must be a very delicious dish, so he wants to enjoy a little bit and then bring it to the Zen master to use.

When the chef brings the food. He looked at the plate of food and asked:

– Has anyone tasted this food today? Is it you?

The chef immediately…


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