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Letting go of all troubles according to the Buddha’s teachings in life so that peace of mind is the greatest happiness of each person…

1. Identify sadness

The mind suffers from feelings of dissatisfaction, sorrow, sadness, worry, fear, insecurity because of things that are not satisfactory.

Human sadness originates from the difficulties of life and exists in many different states. There are light sadness, aimless sadness, or intense sadness, writhing sadness… However, no matter how sad the state of mind is, if you don’t have control, you can’t recognize the sadness in your heart. to find a solution, the consequences are still very worrying.

The Buddha once said: “The way is not in the sky, the way is in the heart” and only those who are aware of themselves can awaken. In this case, if we have a sad situation, don’t give up quickly.

Think calmly to identify sadness in your heart: How does it happen? How long and for what reason? From that analysis, we gradually realize the right and wrong things and find a suitable solution for our own problem, avoiding the bad consequences that happen as in many of the cases mentioned above.

Buddha taught: Transforming ten evil deeds into ten good deeds, in the next life, return to a good land

2. Think Positively

Once we have identified our sadness, we believe that we have begun to calm down. The important thing here is how you analyze and look at your problem. We would like to tell an anecdote about the scientist Edison as follows:

Edison and his wife worked hard all their lives and saved a lot of money. However, in just one fateful night, when both of them were sleeping, the house caught fire. He and his wife fortunately escaped death, only the house and all the possessions were destroyed by the fire. Standing watching the scene of the whole family on fire, Edison’s wife cried hard because she only saw what was lost. And Edison, just kept quiet and said, “Look at the fire. Because I don’t get a second chance to see it again.” That said, it’s not like Edison wasn’t sad. Edison was very sad. But unlike his wife, in addition to seeing the house on fire, he also saw luck, that the couple was still alive, so his sadness was controlled and somewhat lessened.

So, when you are facing difficulties or failures, practice looking at the world around you to see that there are still people who are suffering more than you that they can still overcome. And more importantly, there are still many good things next to me. It’s the love of your parents, the support of your friends, and there are other paths you can take.

3. Participate in positive activities

Many people have the mentality of avoiding sadness by drinking alcohol, smoking drugs and even ending their lives. However, we all know that these methods are only temporary ways of liberation. If you get drunk, you will forget, but when you wake up, you will remember. Using drugs brings a feeling of euphoria, but in the long run, it can cause many diseases. And looking to death is only a momentary liberation.

The Buddha once said “after birth there is death, after death there is birth” and those who die by suicide, their path to rebirth is worse than the life they deny in the present.

Therefore, in order to avoid bad consequences later, when we are sad, we should not be alone and need to focus our thoughts on other things by keeping ourselves busy all the time: participating in a positive activity. like doing something you love, participating in charity activities, or going to a temple chanting Buddhist scriptures

4. Be calm in all circumstances
If your mind is less greedy, angry, delusional, less competitive, jealous, etc., then you will immediately find yourself very peaceful and see how light life suddenly becomes.

If your mind is less greedy, angry, delusional, less competitive, jealous, etc., then you will immediately find yourself very peaceful and see how light life suddenly becomes.

Application of Buddhist meditation in emotional transformation

Psychological balance is essential to help people overcome all sadness in life. Because only when people are calm will everything in front of them become clear and lead to right action. If this can be done, people will always remain lucid in all circumstances. On the contrary, if the balance is not balanced, whether happy or sad, it will be overstated. So much fun, it turns out to be a joke for the world. But being too sad is easy to fall into depression and deadlock.

Psychological balance is a virtue that needs to be practiced. Humans can forge themselves by controlling their emotions. Being able to predict what will happen is a good way to practice this quality. The Buddha advised us to ask questions: If I went bankrupt tomorrow, what would I do? If I am betrayed by my husband tomorrow, what should I do or if I am sick tomorrow, what will I have to do?…

This is not how we talk about bad luck in the future, but how we prepare ourselves mentally for everything. Anything can come and go, and we just have to face it. So instead of being surprised, let’s prepare mentally for every situation that comes up. And assuming it can happen tomorrow, we can easily accept it and calmly transform it in the most gentle and effective way.

In short, if we are faced with a sadness, we have a mood like Buddha: compassion, compassion, joy, equanimity, knowing how to forgive and rekindle love, knowing how to accept and sacrifice, then firmly believe that that sadness will be transformed and each of us’s lives will become better in every breath.

…Suffering or happiness

Every wave hits the shore

Sometimes stop

But hug, chase…

Like the wind of a thousand years

Adventure through the world

Unveiling the mind cloud

Light as bright, spacious…

(Influenced by: ”The Phap follows the original, often self-destructs the general” – Phap Hoa Kinh)


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