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Eating right and healthy will contribute to a healthier, longer life. Here are habits that you can implement with your diet.

In a recent review published in the journal Cell, new studies have identified a life-extending diet as an excellent preventative measure to avoid disease and stay healthy into old age.

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Need to know moderation when eating

Here are 4 eating habits that help you to prolong your life that you can follow:

Consume unrefined carbs

According to a meta-analysis of 432,179 participants, a 40% lower carbohydrate intake and a 70% higher energy intake both increased the risk of death compared with moderate carbohydrate intake.

However, the “normocaloric” longevity diet maintains a constant body weight because energy intake equals energy expenditure. This diet is associated with moderate to high carbohydrate intake with low or very low side effects, while prolonging life and health.

Accordingly, you should eat more unrefined carbs from foods like whole grains, including bread, brown rice and quinoa.

Eat most of your protein from plant sources

Research shows that the risk of death is about 18 percent higher when proteins or fats of animal origin replace carbohydrates. However, that risk is about 18 percent lower when the protein or fat is plant-based.

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The longevity diet also refers to consuming a low but sufficient amount of healthy protein, mainly from plants. However, regularly consuming protein in the diet vegetarian (pesco-vegetarian) – a diet that does not use meat from terrestrial animals but only vegetables and seafood, can also prolong life and maintain health.

According to several studies, pesco vegetarians have a reduced overall risk of death compared to meat eaters. In addition, the mode eat vegan It is also associated with a reduced risk of cancer, hypertension and diabetes compared with regular meat consumption.

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Eat enough plant-based fats

According to the Cleveland Clinic, the life-prolonging diet has about 30 percent of its energy consumed by fat, mostly from plant sources. Great plant-based sources of energy include beans, nuts, chia seeds and flaxseeds.

The Cell Journal review also pointed to one study that provided evidence in favor of an extended lifespan diet.

Evidence suggests a shift from a typical Western diet — a diet that is predominantly high in processed foods, red meat, high-fat dairy products, high-sugar foods, and high-fat dairy products. Prepackaged foods, switch to a diet rich in legumes, whole grains and nuts, and limit red and processed meat. If you start this diet at age 20, life expectancy can be increased by 10.7 years in women and 13 years in men. If you start at age 60, life expectancy can increase by 8 years.

Eat between 11 and 12 hours
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According to reviews, people with obesity, metabolic syndrome or type 2 diabetes will often benefit from eating for about 8-10 hours a day. It will help support weight loss or correct an existing metabolic decline.

However, consistently skipping breakfast is associated with increased mortality, particularly high for cardiovascular disease. This is why you should have an ideal eating time of 11-12 hours to avoid side effects.

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