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There are many missed things in life that will change one’s destiny and cannot make up for it in time. When it is not possible to make up for it, people will feel extremely regretful. The old years feel even more regretful because time is no longer enough to recover.

There are things in life that need to be done right away, so don’t wait and wait. Here are 10 things if there is an opportunity to do immediately, can not wait in life:

1. Don’t wait until you fail to remember other people’s advice

The ancients have a saying: “Bitter medicine cures sickness”, Lao Tzu also said: “Belief is not beautiful, beautiful language is untrustworthy”, the main meaning is that true words are not beautiful, beautiful words are not true. Therefore, true words are difficult to hear, but beneficial to actions.

The wise speak less and listen more. When a person says something about them, they will know how to listen and see if they don’t because of what kind of person the person giving that advice is.

2. Don’t wait until you’re alone to think of your friends

A true friend is someone who will never leave you, especially when he is in danger. Having a soulmate is already happy enough in life.

If in the present, when a person writes the names of his close friends on a piece of paper and discovers that there are only a few. Then he should put his mind to this a little more. It also means that the person will have to become more open, open minded, listen and share more.

3. Don’t wait until you have a position to try to work

Some people are all looking for a job in their youth. It wasn’t until the beginning of time that they began to regret because they were so attached to waiting.

There is a very good saying that: “Where there is a will, there is a way”. If a person wants to be successful at something, he will definitely find a method and a way. And a person who wants to give up something, he will definitely find a lot of suitable excuses. The world is big, as long as we are willing to try, there are jobs everywhere.

4.Don’t wait until you get sick to realize that life is weak

Human life is actually very weak and fragile, no one knows exactly what their tomorrow will be. Why don’t you appreciate your own life?

5. Don’t wait for parting to “appreciate the feelings”

It is always time to separate to understand the preciousness. Humans are all “perfect human beings”, no one is perfect or perfect.

Only by cultivating a tolerant and generous heart can we tolerate and respect others. Human life is a cycle, in fact, being kind to others is also being kind to yourself.

Don’t wait until you have a lot of money to start giving


6. Don’t wait for someone’s approval to believe in yourself

Everyone has their own advantages and strengths, no one is a “discard”. Confidence is often the key to success.

Waiting until someone approves to believe in yourself is really too late.

7. Don’t wait for others to point it out to admit your mistake

Everyone has their own strengths, but they also have their own weaknesses and “blind spots”. In life, everyone is inevitably making mistakes. When making a mistake, some people will be good at hiding it, but some people are brave enough to admit it and correct it. People who dare to admit and correct mistakes will eventually gain respect and love from others.

People often tend to not want to admit mistakes, admit defects. Whatever happens, they say it’s someone else’s fault, thinking that it’s their own fault.

In fact, not admitting fault is a kind of mistake. A person who acknowledges mistakes not only does not lose anything, on the contrary, it also shows that he is a person with a generous heart.

8. Don’t wait for millions of dollars to give alms

There is a saying that: “Give someone a rose, and the hand will leave an aftertaste”. Giving is a kind of happiness, a kind of gratitude. “Giving” is the virtue that makes people happiest.

The human heart is really strange, when we do anything bad, we will feel insecure, unhappy, and uncomfortable inside. And if a person does good deeds for absolutely no conditions, then in his heart he will certainly be extremely happy.

“Giving coal to someone on a cold winter day” can change a person’s life. So, let’s help others when they are in trouble and need us. When others need help, we should do our best to help them. This is benevolent mindis compassion.

9. Don’t wait until the moment of death to realize that you have to live with enthusiasm

People compare human life to a long river, when the wind is calm, the waves are calm, sometimes it flows fiercely, but most of it is always harmonious and beautiful.

Human life is not changed because of a person’s “birth, old age, sickness and death”, much less because of a person’s disgust and mental decline. Appreciate today, cherish what you have, enthusiastically look forward, life will be more beautiful.

10. Don’t wait for money to repay your parents because they can’t wait for you

Many people are so busy worrying about their own lives that they forget to take care of their parents. When I was a child, I lived with my parents, grew up taking care of my education. When I graduated from school, I got married early and took care of my family, so my parents had little chance to take care of me. By the time I knew how to be a parent, understood what my parents needed in the past, understood my hardships and wanted to return to repay my parents’ gratitude, my parents passed away.

Buddha taught Filial piety is Buddha’s mind, filial piety is Buddha’s conduct.

That teaching reminded us of the importance of filial piety and filial piety on the path of cultivation; but how to practice filial piety and filial piety for the right Dharma so that we can both benefit from it.


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