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A person, doing work related to civil security issues. Over a period of time, his condition, even though he tried to cure it, was still not healed, so he came to ask how to get rid of karma. Dear nun, I want to release living beings, can you tell me how to release living beings to benefit?

A person, doing work related to civil security issues. Over a period of time, his condition, even though he tried to cure it, was still not healed, so he came to ask how to get rid of karma.

– Yes, teacher, I want free birthcan you help me how to liberate beings to benefit?

– Why do you want to liberate?

– Yes, because I heard some teachers online say that the disease is caused by killing many lives in the previous life, so if you release the living beings, you will free your karma and the disease will go away. But I don’t know how and how much to release karma. Please just help me.

– Okay, but first of all, the nun has something to ask, if you can answer it clearly, I will help you.

– Yes, okay.

– The nun is in the temple, has many precepts and rules, is not as free as the children outside, probably in the past she has imprisoned many people and not allowed them to live freely. Can you help me release all the prisoners so that she can be released and freed her karma to be as free as everyone else outside?

Reporters how to properly?


– This is not possible.

– Why ?

– Because you stay in the temple and keep the rules is what you choose to follow the path of liberation. As for the others, they were arrested and imprisoned because they committed crimes. It is a fair law, everyone does what they do, how can the prisoner be released, the monk will be free.

– You are right, also, my illness is caused by my own choosing an unhealthy lifestyle on my body, speech, and mind in the past, illness is also an obvious part of the process of birth, old age, illness, and death. body color. As for the other animals, it was caught because of its karma. If you save it because you think it deserves to live and need to protect biological rights, you should. But saving it because of greed in exchange for her son’s life is like the nun wanting to release those prisoners so that she can be free. That only creates new causes and effects, which sometimes negatively affect themselves and others in the future. Just for the sake of my own benefit, do you want to release those animals so that they can be caught and brought back, and then continue your animal life? Or do you want to sow a cause for association with animals so that they can come back to be your relatives later?

If the prisoners they made mistakes in the past, now they have a good attitude, recognize their mistakes and change, then whether they die or live they will have paid their debts. will be pardoned and freed.

Like the other animals, there will be people who buy it to raise, some people to buy it for meat, sometimes no one has bought it and died. That is the karmic process it has to pay. When you pay attention, you are interfering with the karma of living beings and creating a new cause for yourself, but that new cause is not necessarily a good result if you are confused and do not see clearly your thoughts.



Release of life and the miracle of career transformation

Each life has its own role and mission, just like a monk, it is necessary to have precepts, which are the conditions that support the liberation of suffering, the cycle of birth and death. It is a choice of life attitude – accepting the loss of freedom in lust in order to be free in peace forever.

Just like yourself, if you don’t self-regulate your body from illness by cultivating your body and mind, reducing bad factors from food, living environment and living habits. If you can’t adjust your thoughts, words, actions…so that you have peaceful and positive energy to change karma, you should pay the karma. It is better than constantly creating cause and effect in confusion, in craving for the body.

Compassion, if it originates from Wisdom, will know how to behave properly. Otherwise, it is only a subtle manifestation of craving, but the cause of craving is its result, you already know it, which is always unsatisfactory and suffering. May you be alert to see the source of all problems.


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