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A long time ago, there was a butcher who bought pigs and slaughtered them to sell at the market. His house is next to a temple (Bien Hoa).

Every day, at dawn is the customary time when the monks at the temple wake up to chant sutras. And as usual, the old monk urged the little boy to wake up, knocking the morning bell.

It was also the time when the butcher was preparing to kill the pigs, so he used to use the temple bell as a wake-up call to go to work every day. Just like that, every day like that day never goes wrong.

One night, the monk had a dream that a woman brought five small children to her face, bowed her head, and said, “Save my life! Please save lives!” mess.


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The monk asked the woman:

Amitabha Buddha! How to save life? What should Ban Tang do?

The mother with the fearful expression replied:

– Tomorrow, Venerable Master, please slow down the bell, so we are very grateful.

The monk woke up not understanding how. But early that morning, obeying the dream, the monk only prayed in the dark, but did not wake up the young monk to ask for the bell.

Talking again that day, the butcher fell asleep. It wasn’t until the sun rose about a pole, that the temple bells began to ring, startling him to wake up.

Seeing that it was already past noon, he did not dare to kill pigs as usual, because if he were to do meat, when he brought it to the market, the market was already empty. Angry because he missed the market, he rushed to the temple to blame the monk.

The monk told the story of last night’s dream to explain to the neighbor, it was not his fault.

But when he walked back to his house, the butcher was surprised to see that the sow in the barn bought yesterday and was intended to be slaughtered that morning had given birth to five piglets. Both happy and afraid, he told everyone about the strange thing:

– It is true that the spirit of the woman hidden in the sow sought to save her cubs from death.

Suddenly, the butcher had a thought. He saw that his hands had been stained with so many lives.

In a moment of extreme regret, he took a gourd knife and ran to the temple to confess his feelings to the monk. Uncle firmly planted his knife in front of the temple yard, swore in front of the Buddha platform, from now on, he would like to retire.

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