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A single thought arises that all things know, Faith is born as the Buddhas appear.

A single thought arises that all things know, Faith is born as the Buddhas appear

Expression of faith

Sincerely revere Namo Amitabha Buddha, entrust this whole body and mind to the Buddha with faith, without hesitation, without doubt, in just one thought, he will be welcomed back by the Buddha as soon as he gives up. self-revenge.

One thought begins that all things know

Belief in being born is the Buddha present

(Lien Tong Bao Giam)

Someone planted a good root

Doubt the flower does not bloom

Have true faith

When flowers bloom, they see Buddha

(Nagarjuna Bodhisattva)

Friendship in all ten directions

Hearing news of the meritorious name of Amitabha Buddha

Immediately enter the position of right concentration

Born in the World of Peace

(Sutra of Dependent Rebirth in the Pure Land of Avalokitesvara)

Those who only have enough faith and love for the Tathagata,

All towards Heaven.

(Central Pali Sutra, 22 Snake Sutra)

“It is not a hundred or two hundred, but countless people who have placed their trust in Me have been born into heaven.”

(Story of Dhammapada 2: Crying for heavenly things, Pali Tibetan)

Monks, the brahmin Unnàbha’s faith is directed toward, founded, and rested upon the Tathagata. That trust is firm, and cannot be usurped by contemplatives, brahmins, gods, ghosts, brahmans or anyone else in the world. If, at this time, bhikkhus, the brahmin Unnabha was doomed, there would be no fetters that could tie the brahmin Unnabha back to this life (ie liberation).

(Sayutta Nikāya V – Volume V Thien Dai Product. Chapter IV. Samyutta Nikāya (b) Aging Chapter 42. II. Unnabha Brahmin (Sv,217)


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