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The story goes that, once upon a time, there was a poor student who studied well. He was noticed by the Heavenly Court and recorded his doctorate in the Thien Cao book.

Near the village where he lived, there was a communal house that he passed every day when he went to school. The god in that family has already read the book of Thien Cao, so he respects him very much.

One day, the god warned in a dream to Mr. Tu to keep the communal house, or that tomorrow there would be a big mandarin to visit, so he had to clean it up and treat him kindly. Waking up from his dream, Mr. Tu did exactly as the god told him, but he did not see any official but the poor student stopping to rest for a while and then leave.

A few days later, Mr. Tu had a dream again that the god instructed him as before. But then he did not see any distinguished guests but the student the other day. The only difference is that today the student stopped by the house to hum a rich song and then left. There was some doubt, but Mr. Tu did not believe it.

On the third time, the same thing happened the previous two times. Seeing that it was consistent with the god’s advice, Mr. Tu narrated the story of the dream to his pupil and said: “Three times I have said this, but I have not seen any great officials but you. So I’m sure you will pass this exam and become a great official.” Hearing that, the student was overjoyed in his stomach.

Going home that night, lying down to study under the late moonlight, he remembered what Mr. Tu said in the afternoon and released his soul into the clouds, oh, if I study well like this, I must be a mandarin! When I become a mandarin, I will become a powerful person, full of glory and wealth. Unfortunately, my wife’s daughter is too ugly to be a great mandarin. Or should I leave her and marry a more beautiful wife? Thinking that, he immediately made an excuse to cause trouble and chased his wife away.

The next morning, someone from the general came to collect the debt. This person just stepped into the yard, he was scolded by his swagger, I have not yet paid. When this Phen passes, I will plug the land into your garden to live in. Meet someone who is not satisfied, he threatens, then we will know his hand!

How to get rich without losing your blessings?

A few days later, in a dream, Mr. Tu saw the god coming back to tell him that the other student would fail the exam. Because of all your immoral actions, you have lost all your blessings. His name was not found in the list of those who passed a doctorate in this department. Not only that, there was a sentence in the book stating his crimes were:

“Lunar New Year’s Eve”

Billionaires’ money

The one who is pleased, tries to lose virtue.”

Meaning: Under the moon left his wife, threatened to demolish the creditor’s house, did not pass the exam, thought of immoral things. Now you are out of luck. Indeed, from then on, the student did not pass the exam forever. He wanted to reconnect with his ex-wife, but he couldn’t. His door is falling apart day by day. On this story, people have a saying “If he hasn’t passed, the poor man has threatened the general” to teach the bossy people.

Today, many people suffer from this devastating disease. They only succeeded a little, then they were proud of themselves. Just a little bit of power has channeled me here. Even just relying on a little bit of superiors but acting like a monster…

Unfortunately, the virus that “considers heaven by swinging” has crept into the place of meditation, causing many monks to wobble. But the monastic who is “Like the poor man” has nothing to be proud of, right?

In fact, there are many of us here who have taken refuge in the world, but the worldliness is still king, the mind has not stopped, so they keep spinning around in the name of worldly advantages. In general, we become worshipers of material life at the gate of Mu, then mistakenly consider having to have a “big Buddha temple” as a “karma achievement”(?)

Oh good! If there are enough blessings and conditions to establish a large Gia Lam to nurture the Sangha and organize training courses for the masses of Buddhists, everyone will be as happy as one. By relying on it to “assess” each other’s faces and then give birth to complacency, ten thousand times to blame…

One more bad thing. That’s the thing for the teacher, if you have little chance to study, we look down on it because we have just mastered a few books of scripture. In the practice, just a little “bright” flashed in the practice, it was enough to let go of the great words to confess the enlightenment of Zen. In order to gain people’s trust, do not hesitate to say certain sacred sentences that the spirit has been reborn, transcended …, after completing the legal protection and mindfulness.

There are also many cases, during the ceremony or after the ceremony, seeing the appearance of some natural phenomena of the sun, moon, and stars, the universe, it’s just a coincidence that we cried out. , and then exhorted this sacred, that mysterious, unknowingly sowing superstition in the community. As for ourselves, our nails begin to think of ourselves as a “delicious” person, then smile proudly to make the “ego” bigger.

Regarding this, for the true cultivator, even though there is inspiration in his practice, he never reveals it. Or if someone discovers a miracle, you ignore it, not daring to acknowledge what you feel. Because that is not the main goal of the practice of liberation.

In order to get rid of our pride and arrogance, we must always be on the lookout for every thought that arises in our mind. Illustration.

So, if you say Magical Buddha Dharma The most practical is the transformation of the mind of the person who applies the Buddha’s practice, abandoning evil to the right, abandoning evil to do good, turning bad into good, from evil to good, from darkness to understanding. … In general, it should be a “change of flesh”, “death and resurrection”, a “makeover” to make a completely new, better, kinder person, recognizing the truth-nothing. clearly, know how to take care of their own body and mind and benefit others more than before. That’s what the magic is! Is there?…

Then, as if winning over, the ego surged. I am no longer interested in sitting still and looking at myself.

In daily life, we casually flaunt our body, speech, and mind in a bluff because we consider ourselves to be famous people, good at preaching the Dharma, good at diplomacy, admired by people, respected by the masses, and worshiping objects. Seems to be complete, has a high degree, a great position… As for the fact that someone is arrogant and arrogant and destroys a career or an unsuccessful career has been quickly destroyed, it belongs to the people of the world, has nothing to do with me, slightly where to bother!

Our life is always smooth sailing, everything comes so easily, everything goes smoothly, everyone listens to what we say, the money is well-deserved, why bother thinking about it? I must say it’s a blessing!

Accumulate virtue by simple things in life

But remember, what we are fortunate to have in the present may be what we are borrowing in advance in the future? If we use it excessively, putting on pride will reduce our merit in this life, not to mention the loan-repayment in future lives.

We probably still remember the story of Mr. Ngo Dat Quoc Su, a highly virtuous man who, just because of a little bit of subtlety in his heart, was proud and proud when the king gave him a chair of incense, but his merit and virtue were lost for ten lifetimes. clean and smooth, and must also be tormented by scabies in the form of a human face on the knee. How much more so that we are now in the form of thick and thin sins, neglecting our dreams but daring to brag and be conceited.

In the Migration Sutra, the Buddha taught: “Monks, please rub your own head, have given up adornments and fine things, wear worn-out clothes, hold suitable things in your hand, beg for food to live; If you see yourself like this, but pride still emerges, you must quickly radiate it. Increasing arrogance is something that people in the world should not have, how much more so that someone who has entered the religion is someone who, for the sake of liberation, descends to beg for alms?”

Alas! We have given up the monastic custom, become a mendicant, seek liberation, ask for food to temporarily support our body through the day to cultivate, but still carry heavy pride, it’s a pity. That arrogant mind is extremely dangerous. Whether it manifests outwardly or works silently within, it contaminates a practitioner’s mind and obstructs the path to enlightenment.

Therefore, in order to get rid of pride and arrogance, we must always be on guard for every thought that arises in the mind. Take the humble example of Bodhisattva Never Disparaging to remind yourself every moment, and also preserve the virtues of monastics and Buddhist monks.


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