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Starting from what my parents once advised me: “Eat gently, stay well”, I realized that this simple truth is enough to start a incubation of positive changes in people and the community at large. .

“Last night there was an apricot branch in the yard” – this is an eternal message to children and grandchildren, to always “see” that the “apricot branch” of “last night” is still there. That is, the quintessence, the strength in the wisdom treasure of his father as the foundation for a new prosperous step is always complete.

No matter how many nights pass, how many days will come back. That’s the rule. The belief in the nation’s upward destiny has never been lost in me. I was born from that belief of my father and mother, who watered our brother’s lifestyle every day. My father, he has absolute faith in the sacred protection of ancestors. That is the belief in the spirituality of the nation, in the moral life of tolerance and good deeds to help people. The very simple truth he transmits to our brothers and sisters every day is: “be gentle and be kind”.

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Over time, thanks to the family’s lifestyle transmitted with the principle of “be gentle and good”, as our age grows, our interest in people and society also grows. The four words “be gentle and be good” are the standards of the life views my parents teach their children. Thanks to this simple principle, we always live in harmony with ourselves, our surroundings and with nature. “Eat gently and live well” – the nation’s destiny is not outside that category of cause and effect.

We were taught by our parents from a young age, “learning to eat” is first of all learning how to behave with ourselves, “learning to live” is learning how to behave with the living environment. In the life of a rural family, we grew up, talking about “eating”, first talking about how to behave with ourselves, talking about “living” is talking about how to behave with others who are neighbours. and with nature. In fact, when we learn how to eat, we also learn how to “stay”. How to eat for a healthy body, how to eat to protect the motherland and be in harmony with nature is also the first way of “living” we need to learn.

The country is transforming. We are faced with a choice: enter a new opportunity to find prosperity in the 4.0 revolution on the national culture, or continue to slide down to wreak havoc to the motherland?

The human body in today’s social life is more and more diseased. Nature is getting more and more exhausted every day. Culture gradually loses its original value and is distorted and deviated. Diseases are rampant, global warming climate, amazon forest fires… People are worried, nature calls for help…

Looking at today, are we wrong about the word “eating”? Ethnicity is like a body, we have put into the “body” of our nation “food” that is not suitable for our body. The ethnic body has long been gradually poisoned. So the problem is how to detoxify the body of the mother earth and the nation.

Starting from what my parents once advised me: “Eat gently, stay well”, I realized that this simple truth is enough to start a incubation of positive changes in people and the community at large. .

We try to sit together and talk about “eating” on New Year’s Day. Calmly looking back at the past the country has experienced, have we ever realized that our nation as a body is in a state of poisoning? Understanding in the meaning of human, understanding in the meaning of nature, understanding in the sense of culture, we are indeed being seriously poisoned. What is needed is detoxification!

We “eat” are not gentle, so we are “in” not healthy. The destiny of the nation depends on the destiny of each human being multiplied.

For a long time, the cultural food we are eating is not suitable for our national condition. That food is “not gentle” as we think. We accept the new, thinking it is the savior, the almighty solution. Because we are anxious to find a solution for the national liberation, we have gradually lost the faith in the national culture for generations. Alas, our generation has largely turned its back on the past. From there, we formed the ideology of building a new social house without a solid foundation of the national culture.

We are calm enough to look directly at reality with haste to choose “fast food” for the desire to quickly integrate with modernity and build a new life. There are cultural traits that were once on the verge of being “dissolved” before being integrated; There are alienated lifestyles that are demanding when approaching without knowing how to select before many cultures and many lifestyles and amenities in the global community.

We, the whole nation, have long been suspended in the state of the body losing gravity. We lose our way, have no control over the alienation. Like a person lost in the matrix, or like a person who has been away for a long time, tired of coming to the middle of a fork in the road, uncertain about choosing a turn, deciding to survive for his own destiny!?

What have we “eaten” so that the national body lies in such a toxic state for a long time? Over the years, the longer the poison penetrates into the internal organs. The time has come, we need a targeted detoxification solution, intensive detoxification, synchronous and effective. In doing so, when we put nutritious food in, our body can best absorb it to promote its nourishing effect. If detoxified, the body soon recovers. I see no shortage of effective solutions, such as the necessary nutrients to improve the country’s fitness.

Let’s take an example on the human body. When a person has cancer, for example, it is very important to detox their body. A person with cancer is a person whose body has been in a state of lack of substances for a long time, excess toxins have led to disorders. The disorder is caused by the body not providing good food (food with enough vitamins, macro and trace minerals) on a daily basis. Meanwhile, the food brought in is of poor quality, carrying many toxins in it.

This long-term situation leads to metabolic disorders and leads to a deadlock in cell activities. Instead of cells as normal, there is birth and death, here, the body generates a type of cell that only grows but does not die. And when the birth rate cannot be controlled, it means that cancer forms in the body without us knowing it. When a cancer cell has formed, it will take away all the nutrients when we put it into the body. And how many toxins it releases makes our body suffocate in a state of intoxication. And because the body was disordered and lacked nutrients, now flooded with toxins, the body completely lost the ability to eliminate that amount of toxins. Metastasis forms and kills the person.

Detoxify endogenous and exogenous toxins existing in the body – Supplement essential substances – Protect the body against the attack of free radicals – Cell rejuvenation is a process of recovery for a body infected body. Being alert enough and having the desire to heal, we will identify the foods that have made the national body stagnate until today.

Since many years, when I have deeply researched and studied the degradation of society, I have found that culture is still the basic thing to decide change (What has real cultural value will bring with it its attributes). And true education creates true culture.) In which, the family structure that contributes to education to form culture holds a very important position. Family education makes a great contribution to early personality formation. In family education, education on tradition is the core foundation.

I often say, parents give birth to children no matter how blind, sick, or disabled the parents still love and care for their children. But in order for children to love their parents, that needs to be educated. And children to love back up grandparents and above grandparents, and up many generations to the origin of the nation, that needs to be educated seriously and persistently. The education from early childhood when children are still living in the family with their parents is a fundamental and fundamental element. It is a traditional education for children to love and be grateful. This is the daily “food” of each seed (child) in the national flower garden that needs to be watered and nurtured.

Nowadays, parents keep throwing their children to schools, completely entrusting them to schools. That is a dangerous thing. “Teaching children when they are three”, we need to seriously understand this saying of the race. When a child grows up, if there is no traditional cultural cord connecting him or her with the family to relate in education and development of thought, they cannot identify their original culture. From there, he or she will not form the national mindset as the basis. This is very important. I was taught from a young age: “No matter where you stand on where you are standing, that’s where you have to be”. Learning to master is the highest requirement in education. If you can master yourself, then you can take control of your life and your destiny. To master we must have a foundation.

From the cradle of our family, we were taught gratitude. A life of gratitude sustains us as we grow up and into life. We are taught, contrary to grace is contrary to family morality, is to deny the source of ancestral grace. The lesson of love for the original race and gratitude is not far away. It exists closely and vividly in every Vietnamese family since thousands of years of history, regardless of many ups and downs. It is from the very place of worshiping ancestors in every family. Lighting up a stick of incense, we were taught to practice lighting compassion and respect for our ancestors, with our millennial roots. That tradition still exists, that is, the quintessence of Vietnamese culture is still there; It is also a source of “food” to water and nourish the good seeds of the national consciousness.

But gratitude and filial piety is passed down from generation to generation for the love of the race and the nation…


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